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What should you pack for a cruise trip in Covid-19 times

What should you pack for a cruise trip in Covid-19 times

Many cruise ships have worked again after a long pause for the Covid-19 pandemic, and the passengers, excited, prepare their bags.In doing so, the cruise itinerary, the duration of the trip, the planned weather conditions and the type of ship in which they will travel take into account.But now, thanks to pandemia, other factors also come into play.It is possible that on the cruise they no longer offer self -service buffes, that the use of the mask is mandatory in some areas or that the unvolved passengers cannot access certain parts of the ship, says Gene Sloan, a senior reporter on cruises and tripsFor the website The Points Guy."As for the protocols against COVID-19, nothing is uniform from one line to another, not even from one ship to another," says Sloan.

In some ships it seeks to minimize the impact of these protocols.Chris Gray Faust, editorial director of Cruise Critic, left a few weeks ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at the Celebrity Edge cruise, where more than 95% of the passengers were vaccinated and the masks were not mandatory for travelers for travelers.He says that the crew used masks, but otherwise, "it seemed really that things returned to normal.".

Qué deberías empacar para un viaje en crucero en tiempos de COVID-19

La clave: vacunarse.Many cruise lines demand that passengers be completely vaccinated no later than 14 days before the exit (with the exception of children under 12, in some cases).Unpacted passengers must undergo multiple COVID-19 detection tests.Even vaccinated ones could have to verify that they do not carry the virus or to be able to disembark in certain ports.

Here we offer you other tips for when you make your plans and prepare your suitcases.

1.Take your masks. En algunos barcos, tanto tripulantes como pasajeros deben usar mascarilla en los espacios públicos, pero los protocolos están cambiando rápidamente, según Faust.Before the departure, obtain updated information from the cruise company, including the requirements for land excursions.CDC recommend that even vaccinated people use mask in the public spaces of cruise ships.So include in your bags a mask - or several - in case you need or prefer to use it on the ship or in a port.