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The 20 (album) covers that marked a before and after

The 20 (album) covers that marked a before and after

When we are going to choose an album, the following question may come to mind: what is more important, music or art? although really, they can be both. It is true that the success of a musical album is based on its songs and the message they convey, however, its cover can make it an exemplary icon and it is this aspect that draws our attention. The saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words' reflects this reality very well. From the moment in which musicians –including icons such as Freddy Mercuri– began to compose their works, the illustrations that designed their album covers became a fundamental aspect of the compositions; Numerous illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, artistic and creative directors became known as a result of their contribution to the making of album covers, making some of them become the most iconic covers in history and today.

Whether or not it is a CD, a vinyl, a cassette or even a material that has been published on different digital platforms, the cover of a record has contributed since its inception to provide firmness to the message of the songs and therefore, to the message that the artist wants to convey. So much so that today, there are numerous cases where the image shown on the cover of an album turns out to be so transcendental that it itself becomes a representation of popular culture.

From the writing of Harper's Bazaar we have prepared a list that includes different iconic album covers that have marked a before and after in history. A total of 20 business cards – from music records – that are part of popular visual culture; 20 images that have established a chair in the universe of graphic design. Illustrations, photographs and works of great painters; anything goes when it comes to communicating and advertising. But in addition, a successful choice on the cover is a guarantee of success and the necessary passport to forge the legend of an artist; And if you don't think so, we recommend that you try it and see for yourself.