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They dictate the rhythm of fashion

They dictate the rhythm of fashion

Good Life

The new generation of 'it boys' fall in love on social networks not only for their talent, but also for their impressive looks.

They are talented, handsome and above all, fashionistas. A few years ago, the 'old school' had its men's fashion references such as David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Ryan Goslling and William Levy. However, it is time to make way for the new generation of young people under 30 who stand out both in their work as actors or singers; as well as in his public appearances thanks to his style of dress. Find out who they are and from now on you can follow their work on social networks and be inspired by some of their looks for your next outings.

The Mexican actor is known as one of the best dressed men of the moment. Elegant and formal are most of his outfits on the red carpet. Choose to wear mostly blue and green clothes. She is not afraid of prints (checkered, floral or linear) and Donatella Versace is one of her favorite designers, since she almost always uses her creations.

They set the pace of fashion

When it comes to going out on a limb and wearing attention-grabbing clothes, Cole Sprouse does it right. The 28-year-old actor enjoys wearing a contemporary and creative look with wardrobe staples. Satin fabrics and linear designs are her favourites. She has been the cover of men's magazines with GQ. In addition, he is constantly matching outfits with his twin brother (Dylan).

Singer, songwriter, painter and now designer. The 28-year-old (partner of the model Gigi Hadid), began to conquer many fans with his 'bad boy' look since he was part of the musical group 'One Direction'. Now she is a soloist and has also ventured into the world of fashion after launching her own collection of glasses with the firm Arnette.

Boots are strong in fashion

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Flared pants, bold prints, Parisian berets and neon colored T-shirts are just some of the clothes that singer Harry Style enjoys wearing every day without having to go to a red carpet or art show. His 90s-inspired style seduces millennials who like vintage looks on social media.

The 25-year-old American actor is often seen wearing a tailored suit in neutral tones and loafers when he attends an event in Hollywood. After reaching the pinnacle of fame by playing Spiderman, Tom has become a benchmark for good dressing. On Instagram, he publishes images of his day-to-day life in which he also shows that he enjoys wearing more informal clothes such as sportswear and his classic jean jacket.

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