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The field roars in Madrid |News on Valladolid

The field roars in Madrid |News on Valladolid

Francisco Chan is a member of the Association for the Development and Defense of the Rural-Rural Alma, a group that defines as "a glue of associations" that was born with the purpose of giving visibility and trying to solve the problems that polish to the field and to thepeople who want to live in and from him.They have about 80 partners "who retain all their independence".They do not intend to be a union, much less, just make it easier for farmers, farmers and many other professions inevitably linked to the rural."Four crazy," he says.

Chan speaks of "it is not a political issue, but of ignorance in the city about how things work in the villages".«We have an anesthetized society.You have to put the truth in front of the eyes »so that they see that, if you do not take care of livestock and agriculture," you are going to eat plastic "from other countries in which the ways of producing are light years of the rules of the rulesSpanish and community.

And that is where the main reason (although there are many more) of the demonstration that was held this Sunday in Madrid underlies.In that farmers do not charge what they owe and farmers are bombarded by foreign products that enter the border without their quality reaching the sole of the shoes to that of local products;Of course, the outside is cheaper.

The field roars in Madrid this Rural Alma says that they work very proactively, very close to the territory to know the reality of the farms and then be able to transfer it to the politicians, "deputy deputy", without looking acronyms or colors.«There are many hours of videoconference with farmers and ranchers and many things I have seen.It is hard to see a producer of Cabritos de Guadalajara crying that he tells you that he is forced to separate the females from the males so that they are not pregnant because it is more expensive to send the kids to the slaughterhouse than what he later charges for them".

They are people who have children, children who may want to go to university;Perhaps to be agronomist engineers and continue with the exploitation or perhaps to become lawyers and flee from a rural world that mistreats them, that is the least.What counts is that their parents often cannot give them those studies because the margin of farms or crops does not give it for it, Chan says.And it is sad that that happens to those who feed the rest of society, to whom they support a sector that bears the name of "primary" for something.

Rural Alma is dedicated to collecting this reality: that of the farmer of Guadalajara, the Citricultor de Valencia that leaves the oranges in the tree because it does not make it profitable to collect them and many other similar ones.And then try to transfer it to politicians, who are those who must ultimately work to carry out the necessary changes to solve the problems."Behind the deputy there is a person who usually shows empathy for these problems" and thus they get "change small things, says Chan".«We do not want the easy photo with the politician.That will come at the end, when things are solved.We want to work".

The Rage Campoese was seen on Sunday in the Castilian Madrid.Although all citizens were invited, also the politicians, none of the latter who came up took the stage to give rigor speech because it was not their day."We didn't want political bias".And there was no.It was Field Day.

El campo ruge en Madrid | Noticias El Día de Valladolid

Animal Welfare Law.

With the already hot rural world, the probe balloon released in September last year by the General Directorate of Animal Rights was the trigger for the mobilization last Sunday.This is a text that aims to be the germ of a future Animal Welfare Law, but that has been content little or nothing to the affected sectors.Chan considers her as "a way to make, to say they are there, even if they do nothing".The intention of a rural soul is «to abort it before it becomes an draft.And if not, at least polish it until he recognizes her or her mother "because, he argues, it is not normal for such a standard to" do not differentiate between pets and work animals ".One more sample of the ignorance in the cities.

"It cannot be that the pastor is forced to buy his castrated mastiffs in a hatchery, because the selection they carry by making the pastors themselves with their dogs for centuries will disappear" in a year.Something similar occurs with hunting dogs, another group that was well represented in Madrid.The rule wants to prevent dogs from working before 18 months of age, but at that age they must already take many hours of work to learn.It is something like the kids are prevented from going to school so as not to stress them and at 18 they are sent to the university without having stepped on a classroom previously.

The field roars in Madrid the legal services of rural soul work so that this text does not go ahead.According to Chan, he has defects, such as the invasion of competencies of the autonomous communities or issues against the Data Protection Law.The Ministry of Agriculture does not see it with good eyes and advocates not including work animals in it.

Regarding this future law, Chan regrets that the organizers of the demonstration that will be held on March 20 also in Madrid, with the Royal Spanish Hunting Federation and the main agricultural organizations at the head, will not meet with that of thelast Sunday, because they also affect them fully.«For March, one of two: either the law is dead, or we will have failed.We will have failed all ».Rural Alma contacted the organizers of the other protest to try to join the two, but an agreement was not reached in terms of dates.«We hope you succeed.Our hand is always laid, ”says Chan.

The manifestation.

The Government Subdelegation in Madrid speaks of 6.000 attendees, a very difficult figure to believe given the time it took the march to pass under the elevated step of Eduardo Dato.The organization, which expected more concurrence, told 160.000 people.Surely an exaggerated figure, but almost certainly closer to reality than 6.000.Francisco Chan says that «the exact number is secondary.It has been a great demonstration with a great impact », which was after all what was intended.

The Rage Campo in Madrid La march departed from the Plaza de San Juan de la Cruz, together with the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, department responsible for the ban on the wolf's hunt, a very present fact throughout the morning."Cantabria: from natural paradise to wolf, ruin and scrub", could be read in one of the banners that advanced by Castilian.

But before starting walking towards the Ministry of Agriculture, there was time for claims on the stage that was mounted for this purpose.All the groups present had their turn, from farmers and livestock to Spanish combatant browser. The manifestation también fue apoyada por el presidente de el Movimiento de la Ruralidad francés, Eddie Puyjalon, quien deseó que acciones como ésta sirvan para que España genere una «gran fuerza política» por sus pueblos y expresó la necesidad de que ese movimiento se extienda al resto de países de la Unión Europea.This French movement has more than three decades of history, but in Spain it was known by the famous yellow vests.

The principle of community preference was one of the matters that occupied the most time in claims.It consists of giving preference to the products of the European Union over those out and is one of the pillars on which the continental organization formed, but farmers and ranchers raised the voice to denounce that it is not being fulfilled.That products that do not meet the production demands that they have to stick and also cheaper enter, so that it is impossible to compete, since consumers continue to give more importance to the price than to what we eat in too much cases.

The field roars in Madrid after each group expressed its complaints and claims began an impeccable march in terms of behavior that ended four kilometers below, next to the Ministry of Agriculture.On the tour, the Ministry of Consumer (Garzón) and the Social Rights and Agenda 2030 (Animal Welfare Law) was passed in front of the Consumption Ministry (Garzón), at which time the tractors took the opportunity to sound their speakers with intensity.

After those 50 tractors from Asturias who headed the march, Andalusian horses could be seen, cars thrown by oxen, mules, donkeys, hunting and grazing dogs...Many passersby applauded the passage of protesters.Others looked at the oxen and mules as if they were an appearance, perhaps because in some cases it was the first time those animals saw.

The manifestation tuvo su espacio en todos los medios nacionales, con más acierto en unas ocasiones que en otras (se llegó a citar a unos camellos que no pisaron la castellana en ningún momento).And also some international media echoed the protest, some in quite unexpected countries.

According to the web hunting Club-Caza.com The Federal American media News Network published that “farmers, ranchers, hunters and opposition supporters went to the Spanish capital of Madrid on Sunday to protest the environmental and economic policies of the central-left government of Spain that, they say, areharming rural communities ».Media from China and the Czech Republic, according to the same website, also collected information about the demonstration last Sunday in Madrid.