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The emerald skull at 100% in Far Cry 6

The emerald skull at 100% in Far Cry 6

1. How to start The Emerald Skull?
2. How to complete The Emerald Skull 100%?

The Emerald Skull is one of the treasure hunt missions available in Far Cry 6. Later in this post we will teach you step by step in detail how to complete said quest 100% to find its final reward treasure.

How to start The Emerald Skull?


How to complete The Emerald Skull 100%?

After reading the note that begins this mission in Concepción, the objective icon will mark a location on the map that is southwest of the city, between some mountains. Go there and you will find without too much trouble the entrance to a cave, with a rock in the shape of a face, flames from torches and the corpse of a soldier.

Enter this Ominous Cave (weapon in hand because you'll be surprised by a jaguar right away) and proceed through the only possible path until you find a anchor point for the hook on the ceiling of the cave. Use the grappling hook and climb up the rope to the upper rock ledge.

The 100% emerald skull in Far Cry 6

Now hang from the next hook point on the cave ceiling and swing forward until you can grab onto another hook. Climb up the rope and you'll find a note on some kind of mystical pedestal. Read it and continue along the path to your left hand.

Slide down the slope towards the water and get out of the water to collect the "Bad Luck Skull" from another soldier's corpse. Quickly dive into the water to avoid the explosion of the grenade.

Okay, now you can go outside. The quest objective point will send you to another location on the map, this time further south towards the Cuevas de Turey. As you did with the first one, travel to the place and locate the entrance to this cavern without too much trouble.

Once inside you will come across a statue in the shape of an ape? quite quirky. Approach the statue and you will be able to interact with it thanks to the Unlucky Skull you picked up earlier. This will cause the statue to move and open a path to the main room of this cave.

First of all, kill the crocodiles that will try to attack you. Then, you will have to perform the following actions:

By doing this you will finally be able to reach the central platform of the cave, where the last statue with the treasure chest of the quest awaits you. After opening it, watch out for the cave-in that occurs at the top of the cave. Look up and you can use the grappling hook to climb out of the cave.

Treasure Reward