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The best discounts on sports: a Garmin Forerunner, an Honor Band smartwatch, an electrostimulator

The best discounts on sports: a Garmin Forerunner, an Honor Band smartwatch, an electrostimulator

Under Armour, Adidas, Nike, Puma... but also Huawei, Samsung, Apple and other technology brands. Amazon Prime Day 2021 is an excellent opportunity to purchase products from the best brands for practicing sports at incredible prices. Sports equipment brands to which you owe your tights, your technical t-shirt or your running shoes, but also technology brands that provide you with the smartwatch that measures calories or the wireless headphones that allow you to listen to your music while devouring kilometers on the asphalt.The best discounts on sports: a Garmin Forerunner, an Honor Band smartwatch, an electrostimulator The best discounts on sports: a Garmin Forerunner, an Honor Band smartwatch, an electrostimulator

For this reason, from BAZAR we have selected for you the best discounts on sports products so that, throughout these June 21 and 22, you can easily find the products you need or were looking for among the bargains, offers, the most interesting deals and promotions on Prime Day.


It is true that to benefit from such advantageous prices you have to be a Prime customer of the e-commerce giant. If you are not yet, you can subscribe to Prime from this link. Remember that Amazon offers you the possibility of subscribing for a trial month a year and unsubscribing later without paying a single euro.

Once you are registered as a Prime customer, you will be able to benefit from all the sports discounts that you will find in this piece. And not exclusively of those, because the next two days we will select you from BAZAAR MARCA the most interesting sales in technology, video games, motor, beauty, mobile phones, smartwatches,... And of course, our live selection of the best bargains , which will be updated during the two days.

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* Because on the Bazar Chollos Amazon Telegram channel, we will also be posting live a selection of the best offers available on Amazon during this Prime Day 2021.

Rechargeable Bike Flashlight

Do you change the batteries in your bike lights every week? This bike light comes with a three-year warranty, is very easy to install, and is recharged via USB. Includes a cable to recharge from your computer, laptop, power bank, or any device with a USB port. It has autonomy of up to 8 hours, and more than 2 hours in high intensity mode. A light that, in addition to being mandatory at night, adds extra security to all those who are outside while they are running, walking the dog, cycling, skateboarding, hiking, jogging or even changing a tire.

You can buy it here for 14.99 euros (27.8% discount)


The Alphacross Blast women's shoe accompanies you on your adventures in the middle of nature, whether you go for a run or go hiking. The resistant material of the Contagrip sole allows exceptional grip on all types of surfaces. The cushioned EnergyCell midsole and Ortholite insole provide maximum comfort throughout the day. The soft materials, the extra padding and its spaciousness make this shoe particularly comfortable. Enjoy a lightweight shoe (around 265g) for your daily training.

You can buy it here for 44.09 euros (51%).


Ninety modes, yes, 90, including the most health-conscious, from sleep monitoring to 24-hour heart rate. Everything you want to measure about your athletic performance fits into this high-end smartwatch from Amazfit.

For example, its memory to record up to 14 days or its resistance to water up to 50 meters. Or the reports it produces for each of the sports modes, a springboard for improvement. Beyond its technical quality, this watch stands out for its elegant, minimalist design (available in three colors, black, green and purple) and without borders, so you don't lose anything on the screen.

You can buy it here for 95.2 euros (68.2% discount)


The best discounts on sports: a Garmin Forerunner, an Honor Band smartwatch, an electrostimulator

It's not just the earhook, it also has three different sized tips for a tighter fit, less noise and more beat, music, high quality sound and noise canceling, while running, cycling, you travel or you calm down in the mountains or in yoga classes.

Universal compatibility with its bluetooth 5.1, with a built-in high-fidelity microphone, waterproof to sweat or rain, these wireless headphones stand out for their improved battery, 10+40 hours, the duration longer than what the charging case provides .

You can buy it here for 25.89 euros (67.6% discount)


Designed for training at home, these elastic bands also give impetus for use outdoors, now that the weather allows you to enjoy physical activity outdoors. With five resistance levels and two sponge handles, they can cover all the needs and levels that fit in the family, without losing comfort.

Also, to try to improve yourself, with the help of the training manual included in this Omorc pack, a guarantee. The care in manufacturing, with a thick metal ring and natural latex tubes gives extra durability.

You can buy it here for 15.91 euros (68.2% discount)


This Honor Band 6 is a smart activity watch and bracelet with a pedometer and a 1.47" amoled screen. You can control and monitor not only your sports activity but also other health variables , such as sleep and heart rate.It has 10 different training modes and the battery will last you up to 14 days.It is available in an elegant black color.

You can buy it here for 34.93 euros at a 40.8% discount


This bike light set offers safe night riding. Its front and rear light have 6 and 5 lighting modes respectively to adapt the light to the circumstances. You will not have to be distracted on the way when adjusting the light since this product has a remote control to adjust the brightness.

The light kit can be charged via a USB port. It has an automatic shutdown system that guarantees energy savings. It easily adjusts to the handlebar. It can also be used as an emergency flashlight or attached to the helmet. This light set is waterproof and suitable for all types of weather conditions. Its rotating front light allows you to illuminate everything you need.

Buy it for 10 euros at a 41.1% discount


Did you know that the pull-up bar is considered a multifunctional accessory for strength training? It does not matter if it is the classic pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups or stretching exercises. With the KS260 you can easily get fit and benefit from an efficient full body workout. Thanks to this little accessory you can save yourself that annoying gym fee.

It measures 65 cm and is adjustable up to 90; It can load up to 150 kg and is suitable for door frames from 65 to 90 cm.

You can buy it here for 34.93 euros at a 41.7% discount


With this pack consisting of an abdominal roller with a tube with a longer handle and covered with non-slip foam; inclined bar to do push-ups and mat to protect the knees, jump rope; and resistance bands with pedals you can set up your own gym at home. When you're done playing sports, store the outfit in a storage bag (included).

You can buy it here for 21.11 euros (58.6% discount).


If you play sports regularly, surely you have ever felt pulling, pain or heaviness in your legs or arms. One solution for this is to give yourself a good massage before the discomfort appears.

This muscle massage set from the FitBeast brand, which is on sale for Prime Day, is especially complete. Includes a roller with 3D edges, another soft red foam roller and two lacrosse balls (one softer and one harder). And the best: it works both for professional athletes and for beginners who have muscular discomfort. You can give yourself massages: just take a look on the Internet and you will see the different exercises that you can do with these materials.

You can buy it here for 13.59 euros (65.8% discount).


The Xiaomi subsidiary brings to Prime Day this versatile smartwatch that is worth both a complement to use and to train. In fact, few smartwatches have up to 90 different modes to monitor different types of training that, to make matters worse, the watch detects only according to physical activity without the need to select them. The Amazfit GTR mixes elegance and functionality, with a resistant silicone strap that surrounds a circular dial that emulates classic quartz watches. Submersible to 50 meters deep and with a battery that can last 12 days with intensive use.

You can buy it here for 103.92 euros (65.2% discount).


Collagen is the protein responsible for supporting skin tissue, and its natural production decreases after the age of 30. Excess sun, lack of rest or tabado also favor its destruction, so taking some type of supplementation is interesting. To deal with this loss of collagen that, naturally, it is no longer possible to recover, an external contribution can be made, such as this one available on Amazon, and which is completed with elastin and hyaluronic acid.

You can buy it here at a price of 18.68 euros (a 25% discount).


It would be a pleasure to live without it, without the scale, but these are dates when we look at it especially. And the precision is appreciated, to reinforce each advance, even if it is 100 grams by 100 grams.

This model, in glass, elegant and modern, with a large-format LCD screen, is one of those smart ones that, in addition to weight, outlines the balance of muscle mass, body fat, caloric needs... Data that helps a more professional effort to maintain the exact weight, which is, above all, health.

You can buy it here for 18.69 euros (73.3% discount)


This set of three elastic fabric bands will help you strengthen your body and improve your workouts. They are unisex and are of low, medium and high resistance. You can work glutes, legs, abdomen...

They are wide and comfortable, with non-slip elastic bands so they do not slip. The seams are reinforced, which ensures maximum durability. If you have tried cheaper ones made of other materials, you will see that these are worth it.

You can buy it here for 10.82 euros at a 43% discount


Since the confinement we have been aware of the importance of physical activity as the best vaccine against Covid, and we are destroying all kinds of material to set up a gym at home. So much so that this folding treadmill has become the best seller on Amazon. A number 1 out of series with manual inclination and adjustable speed up to 10 km / h. Now that summer is here, you will avoid the heat of the street and you will continue in shape.

You can buy it here at a price of 209.99 euros (a 25% discount).

Wireless Waterproof Headphones

These Bluetooth headphones with Flex Fit ear cushions fit snugly in the ear and are designed to play sports comfortably, without worrying about them moving or falling out. In addition to being sweat resistant, they are also water resistant so they are designed for sports in any weather condition. JBL Charged Sound delivers richer bass sound quality for the toughest workout; Wireless bluetooth and mobile pairing very simple. The battery is 10 hours (and 50 hours more thanks to the charging case), with passive noise cancellation to limit background noise.

You can buy it here for 90 euros (30.2% discount)


"Waterproof", "with a good fit"... These are characteristics that are repeated in the description of many wireless headphones, as proof of their potential use during sports practice. But if that's your goal, it's better to go for a type billed exclusively for that purpose, like this Lychl running and gym model.

Its special hooks are a better fit than any other, and its IP7 material is the best waterproof so you can forget about sweat. Its bluetooth version 5.1 also guarantees the best connectivity, and low latency, to avoid any interference when you're in action. High-definition sound, a built-in microphone, and noise-canceling design round out a superlative offering.

You can buy it here for 26 euros (71.1% discount)


It's not just the earhook, it also has three different-sized tips for a tighter fit, less noise and more rhythm, music, high-quality sound and with noise cancellation, while running, cycling, traveling or calming down in the mountains or in yoga classes.

Universal compatibility with its bluetooth 5.1, with a built-in high-fidelity microphone, waterproof to sweat or rain, these wireless headphones stand out for their improved battery, 10+40 hours, the duration longer than what the charging case provides .

You can buy it here for 25.89 euros (67.6% discount)

Ring Fit Adventures

Train and play at the same time. Grab the Ring-Con, strap on the leg strap, and get ready for a hectic (literally!) fitness adventure. Explore a fantasy world to defeat a muscled dragon and his minions by exercising with Ring Fit Adventure, a fitness video game for Nintendo Switch. Run without leaving the spot to cross green meadows, attack enemies with shoulder pressing exercises and perform yoga poses to recover energy.

In the adventure mode, you must defeat enemies with attacks inspired by more than 60 real exercises throughout more than 100 levels distributed in more than 20 worlds. As you progress through each level, in addition to breaking a sweat, you'll gain experience points and ingredients to make smoothies that will restore your energy.

You can buy it here for 49.90 euros with a 37.5% discount


Although you can do sports with any wireless headphone, there are models on the market specifically for it. These have an ear clip and are resistant to water and sweat. In addition, they are compatible with most Bluetooth devices, stand out for their rich bass and clear treble and allow five hours of playback on a single charge and 42 on a full charge.

You can buy them here for 28.79 euros (58.3% discount).

Bike rack

It is ideal for transporting objects comfortably and easily on your bike. It comes with an added reflector at the rear that offers you greater safety during night driving thanks to the fact that you will be more visible. It is very easily placed on your bike and you can disassemble it and store it whenever you are not going to use it. With a maximum load capacity of 25 kilos.

You can buy it here for 17.99 euros with a 40% discount

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