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The anomaly - Hervé Le Tellier - Science fiction

The anomaly - Hervé Le Tellier - Science fiction

Hervé Le Tellier

On March 10, 2021, the two hundred forty -three passengers of a plane from Paris land in New York after passing through a terrible storm.Already on land, each one continues with his life.Three months later, and against all logic, an identical plane, with the same passengers and the same team on board, appears in the sky of New York.No one explains this incredible phenomenon that will unleash a unprecedented political, media and scientific crisis in which each of the passengers will end up being face to face with a different version of themselves.

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As black as the sky (March - June 2021)

There is something admirable that always surpasses knowledge, intelligence and even genius, and it is misunderstanding.

The anomaly, Victør Miesel


Killing someone is nothing from the other world.Simply observe, watch, reflect a lot and, when the time comes, empty.That is.Empty.Manage them for the universe to contract, so that it contracted until it condenses in the gun cannon or at the tip of a knife.That is todo.Do not ask questions, not get carried away by fury, follow the protocol, act methodically.Blake knows how to do it, and he knows so much that he doesn't even know when he began to know.The rest falls out of weight.

Blake makes the death of others his life.That nobody comes with moral lessons.Ethics responds with statistics.Because Blake to forgive him, but when a Minister of Health cuts the budgets, when he suppresses a scanner here, a doctor there and a Acullá resuscitation service, he already imagines that he is considerably shortening the lives of thousands of strangers.Responsible, not guilty, they say.Blake is just the opposite.And, anyway, it does not have to justify yourself, it brings you without care.

Killing is not a vocation, it's an inclination.A mood, if you want.Blake is eleven years old and it's not called Blake.He is next to his mother, climbed to a Peugeot, on a regional road near Bordeaux.They do not go very fast, a dog crosses the road, the impact barely diverts them, the mother shouts, slows too strong, the Zigzaguea vehicle, the engine is covered.Stay in the car, my life, by God, stay in the car and do not move.Blake does not obey, follow his mother.Yot is a gray hair collie, the blow has sunk the thorax, the blood spills through the shoulder, but it is not dead, Gimotea, it looks like the cry of a baby.The mother runs in all directions, panic prey, covers Blake's eyes, babbles unconnected words, wants to call an ambulance, but, mom, if she is a chucho, nothing more than a pooch.The collie gasps on the cracked asphalt, its broken, twisted body, adopts a strange angle, suffering from spasms that are weakened.The animal agonizes under Blake's gaze, and Blake observes curious how life abandons him.Yot's over.The kid puts a face of sadness, or rather than that is sadness, so as not to disconcert his mother, but he feels nothing.The mother does not move, the small corpse contemplates petrified, Blake impatient, pulls her from the manga, come, mom, it is of no use to stay here, she is dead, look at it, let's go, Yo'm going to be late for football.

Killing is also a matter of capacity.Blake discovers that he has everything necessary on the day his uncle Charles leads him to hunt.Three shots, three hares, a true gift.Yot points fast and well, it doesn't matter if the shotguns are made dust, that the rifles are not well regulated.The girls take it to the fairs, go, porfi, get me the giraffe, the elephant, the game boy, yes, come, do it again!, And blake distributes stuffed animals, consoles, it becomes the terror of the booths ofShot, before opting for discretion.Blake also loves what Uncle Charles teaches him, slaughtering roes, tear rabbits.Let us understand: Not that you enjoy killing, finishing off the injured animal.Yot is not depraved.No, what attracts it is the technical gesture, the infallible routine that is reached by force of repetitions.

At twenty and with a very French surname, Lipowski, Farsati or Martin, he points to a hospitality school in a small city of the Alps.He does not discard, eye, he could have studied anything else, he also liked electronics, programming, it was good with the languages, with English, without going any further, a three -month -old course was enough in the Lang's in the Lang's ofLondon to speak it almost without an accent.But Blake what he likes most is to cook, those moments of vacuum while preparing a recipe, the time that flows without hasonion, make a sufflé.He likes odors and spices, likes to create combinations of colors and flavors on the plate.Yot could have been the brightest student in school, but fuck, Lipowski (or Farsati, or Martin), it doesn't cost so much more kind to the clientele with the clientele.Yot is a service, service trade, do you understand, Lipowski (or Farsati, or Martin)?

La anomalía - Hervé Le Tellier - Ciencia Ficción

One night, in a bar, a completely drunk individual tells him that he wants to hire someone to kill another type.Yot certainly has its good reasons, some work, or skirts, but Blake does not care.

"Would you do it for pasta?"

"You are fatal," Blake replies..Head of the head.

"Yo'll pay you, and very well.

Yot gives a figure of three zeros.Blake is discouragement.

-No.You're kidding?

Blake drinks, slowly, taking his time.The guy has collapsed on the bar, shakes it.

"Hey, Yo know someone who would do it.For twice money.Yo don't know him personally.Tomorrow Yo will tell you how to contact him, but don't talk to me again, okay?

That is the night Blake invents Blake.For William Blake, whom he has read after having seen the red dragon, with Anthony Hopkins, and he liked his poem a lot: «Towards the dangers of the world Yo gave the leap: / helpless, naked, screwing, / like a hidden devil On a cloud".And, in addition, Blake is Black and Lake, Black and Lake, Mola.

From the next day, an American server houses the email address of one blake.Mick.22, created in a gin cybercafé.Blake buys a second -hand laptop in cash from a stranger, gets an old Nokia and a prepaid card, a photo camera and a teleobjective.Once equipped, the chef apprentice gives the type the contact of such "blake", "without being able to guarantee that the address still works", and remains waiting.Three days later, the man of the bar sends Blake a message embodied, it is evident that distrusts.Ask questions.Look for the weak point.Sometimes he lets a day between two emails.Blake speaks of the objective, of logistics, of the installments of the commission, and these precautions have just convinced him.They agree, Blake demands half in advance: the thing has risen to four zeros.When man speaks of "natural causes," Blake folds the figure and asks for a month.Convinced, now, that he is dealing with a professional, the guy accepts all conditions.

Yot's his first time and Blake gets to work.Yot is in itself meticulous, prudent, imaginative to the extreme.He has seen so many movies.One does not become the idea of how much the hired murderers owe the Hollywood screenwriters.From the beginning of his career, he will ask to receive the money from the commission and information of the contract in an abandoned plastic bag in a certain place, a bus, a fast food store, a building in works, a paper, a park.Yot will avoid too isolated areas where Yo attract attention, too busy sites where Yo couldn't identify anyone.Will go several hours earlier to monitor the immediate.Yot will wear gloves, hood, hat, glasses, your hair will be dyed, learn to put on a postpone.Over time, Blake will exercise at the launch of a knife, Half-Spin or Full-Spin, depending on the distance, he will learn to manufacture pumps, to extract the undetectable poison from a jellyfish, to assemble and disassemble in a few seconds a 9 mm browningor a glock 43, will ask you to pay and buy your weapons in Bitcoins, that irrastreable cryptocurrency.He will create his own page on the Deep Web, and the Darknet will become a game for him.On the Yonternet there are tutorials for absolutely everything.Just look for a little.

The victim is a man, about fifty, Blake has his photo and his name, but decides to call him Ken.Yes, like Barbie's husband.Good decision: calling it Ken, dehumaniza.

Ken lives alone.Fortunately, Blake is said, because a married guy and with three children would make him more difficult to find the occasion.Even so, at that age there are few options to simulate a natural death: a car accident, a gas leak, an infarction, an accidental fall.Ball point.Blake still does not know how to sabotage the brakes or manipulate the direction, or where to get potassium chloride to cause cardiac arrest;He doesn't see it clear to suffocate it with gas.Yot is decided by the fall.Ten thousand dead a year.Especially old, but what will you do.And although Ken does not look like a athlete, it is better to avoid a melee combat.

Ken lives on the ground floor of a villa, near Annemasse, in an independent three -bedroom apartment.For three weeks, Blake is dedicated to observing and drawing plans.With the advance, he has bought an old Renault van, it has rudimentally conditioned it, he has put a seat in the back, a mat, additional batteries for the light, and has been installed in a desert parking lot from which the entire urbanization dominates.Yot has a chopped view of the house.Yon the morning, Ken leaves half past eight, crosses the Swiss border and returns from work towards seven in the afternoon.Some weekends will see a woman, a French teacher at Bonneville, about ten kilometers away.Tuesday is the most scheduled day, more predictable.Ken returns before us, goes out immediately to go to the gym, returns two hours later, remains in the bathroom about twenty minutes, dinner watching TV, entertains a while with the computer and lies down.Blake chooses Tuesday night.He sends a message to his client, according to the agreed code: "Monday at 8 pm?".One day less, two hours less.The man will have a alibi for Tuesday at ten.

A week before the chosen date, Blake commissioned a pizza for Ken's address.The distributor knocks on the door, Ken opens without hesitation and speaks surprised with the boy, who turns around with the box.Blake doesn't need to know anything else.

The following Tuesday he also presents with a pizza, observes the desert street for a moment, he puts some non -slip shoes, checks the gloves and waits a moment to knock on the door just when Ken leaves the shower.Ken opens in Albornoz and sighs when he sees the delivery man with a pizza in his hands.But before Yo can say anything, Blake releases the empty box and nails the tip of two electric batons in his chest.Ken falls on his knees stunned by the download, Blake accompanies him in his fall while squeezing, counts up to ten, Ken no longer moves.The manufacturer announced eight million volts, Blake has tried it in his own skin with a single club and has been about to faint.Drag to the bathroom to a Ken who groans and drool, applies a new download in case the flies, and with a single gesture, terribly violent - a gesture that has repeated ten times with the help of some coconuts - takes theKen's head in his hands, lifts her holding her by the temples and the star with all her strength against the edge of the shower: the skull sinks, a tile cracks upon receiving the impact.The blood spreads immediately, scarlet and viscous like a pinto, with that rich oxide smell, the mouth is open, in a stupid grimace, the eyes stuck on the roof, open torite.Blake opens the bathrobe: the electric shocks have not left marks.Place the body the best one that can, according to the hypothetical trajectory that gravity would dictate after a tragic slip.

And then, when they get up, you are irresistible desire to piss.Yo would never have imagined.Yot must be recognized that in the movies the murderer never mea.The desire are so pressing that it is even going through the head to use the toilet, although then Yo have to clean it thoroughly.But however intelligent the polis, or simply systematic, if the usual procedure will continue to find remains of DNA.Sure.Anyway, that's what Blake thinks.And, despite the pleas of his bladder, he continues with the plan under the torture.Take the soap, restrie.Perfect.The researcher will be happy to find him, happy to have solved the enigma.Blake regulates the temperature of the shower to the maximum, opens it, guides the jet of the artichoke towards the face and torso of the body, avoiding any contact with the steaming water, and leaves the bathroom.

Blake approaches the window, runs the curtains, for the last inspect the stay.Nothing indicates that a body has been dragged several meters, and a pink water begins to flood the ground.The computer is on, the screen shows images of English grass and sailings with flowers.Ken was fond of gardening.Blake leaves the chalet, removes his gloves, walks without hurry to the scooter, parked about two hundred meters from the house.Starts, it circulates for a kilometer and stops to piss, finally.Shit, still wears black cotton shoes.

Two days later, a worried partner will warn the police, who will discover Samuel Tadler's accidental death.The same day, Blake charges what was missing.

All this happened a long time ago.Since then, Blake has built two lives.Yon one it is invisible, it has twenty names and twenty different surnames, with their respective passports of multiple nationalities, some of them electronic, get them is easier than one believes.Yon the other, with the name of Jo, he discreetly directs a prosperous Parisian company of distribution of vegetarian food at home, with subsidiaries in Bordeaux, Lyon and, recently, Berlin and New York.Flora, her partner and wife, and her two children complain that she travels so much, sometimes for so long.And they don't lack reason.

March 21, 2021,

Quogue, New York state


Hervé Le Tellier.French journalist, writer, critic and mathematician.Likewise, Le Tellier is a member of the literary group ulipo.

Le Tellier is well known for his work as a literary critic and has collaborated with numerous radio and written press media such as Le Monde or France Culture.

Among Le Tellier's work you can find poems, plays, stories and novels.Of the latter they have been translated into Spanish, let's not talk about love and anomaly, thanks to which the Goncourt prize in 2020 was won.