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Test: Specialized 2fo Roost Flat |MTB PRO

Test: Specialized 2fo Roost Flat |MTB PRO

Specialized presents the new 2fo Roost for platform pedals.This third review of its popular shoe specifically designed for Trail is a radical change with respect to its two previous versions.To begin, aesthetically the new 2fo Roost breaks with the line that until now the first two deliveries had followed.

According to Specialized designers, one of the first aspects that was taken into account was that of the general aspect of the new 2fo.Specialized wanted to offer a more comfortable, more technical, more versatile shoe and more grip but at the same time with which to be able to walk comfortably throughout the day and that once finished riding do not seem like a “Martian” in the bar taking aBeer or walking home.

In this sense we can affirm that mission fulfilled!The aesthetics of the new Specialized 2fo Roost Flat is much cooler, current and more “casual” than the previous 2fo, you can use them even as a street shoe, aesthetically they are closer to the aesthetics of a skate shoe or BMX Street.

Let's move on to the most technical details.The Upper of the New Roost is made of a combination of two different materials, in the central zone a synthetic leather has been used that also has generous microperforarations on the sides (interior and exterior) and in the front zone to still bemore breathable and ventilated on very hot days.Another of the novelties is the use of the hydrophobic xpel airmesh to reduce weight, this material that replaces the previous traditional foam padding retains the impact absorption properties of the classic padded but, in addition to being lighter, it has a very dry time a lotmore effective.

The front zone (without seams) and rear are manufactured in a very flexible and high -resistance fabric that, to be honest, made me doubt in aspects such as durability or resistance, but after having used theIntensively shoe for more than 6 months I can only say that they add mobility and comfort and the appearance is like new.

The toe is reinforced is made of an injected rubber with the aim of protecting our fingers in case of impact or fall, the heel also has an internal structure that, in addition to giving consistency and improving the adjustment to the rear area of the foot, acts asreinforcement in case of hitting us with some stone or root.In the new Specialized 2fo Roost Flat, the asymmetric cut of the heel collar zone is abandoned in order to increase mobility both running and walking.

The adjustment/tightening is done through the classic laces system, a detail that I liked especially is the shape of the eyelets that make the laces not be twisted and are always well guided.In the central part of the tongue incorporates the typical elastic strip responsible for our laces to be well collected and do not end up hooked on the transmission or in a branch.

Test: Specialized 2FO Roost Flat | MTB Pro

In the tongue it continues to trust the Xpel Airmesh hydrophobic that, in addition to adding protection, quickly and effectively eliminates the water that can reach that area due to splashes or puddles, I assure you that it works.One last detail in relation to the tightening and that has to do with the laces.The first days I squeezed the laces in excess with the idea that these would be something more elastic and hoping that with the use and passing of the hours they would gradually yield, but that did not happen.

The new cords are firmer than the previous 2fo, so that the adjustment you make early in the morning will remain throughout the day.The eyelets keep the cords in their position but do not slide, therefore you will not be able to press your shoes by pulling the ends of the cords but you will have to adjust an eye button, a slower maneuver but that will allow you an incredibly precise adjustment, personally personallyI like.

With respect to the last, it is still a relaxed and comfortable Fit in the front and more precise area in the intermediate and rear zone but without reaching the “tightenings” of an XC shoe of pure performance.The toe has more than enough space for your fingers but without becoming too wide, for the morphology of my feet, which are neither wide nor narrow, it is perfect.Comfort both during pedaling and when walking has improved exponentially in relation to the previous model.As usual in the entire footwear range of the American manufacturer for years, these new Specialized 2fo Roost Flat have been designed based on Body Geometry technology, including templates.

The average sole of the previous 2fo had already improved a lot with respect to that first 2nd of 2014, more rigid and something hard.This new half -sole is still manufactured in EVA and has been modified by losing some profile, which has gained stiffly but without sacrificing stability and getting the shoe not to "sink" when we rely strong on the pedals in the pedals in a curve.

It is time to talk about the sole, grip and connection shoe/pedal and here I can affirm that without a doubt the new Specialized 2fo Roost Flat is a revolution and that the new sole is up to the best,something that so far we could not say.We know that in Specialized they have been looking for a compound and a rubber manufacturer that could offer them what they really wanted, I don't know what that new supplier will be but they have nailed it.

The new third -generation Slipnot ST rubber sole is a qualitative leap in terms of grip, durability and rebound of the really impressive rubber.I consider myself a “geek” of the platform shoes and I assure you that I no longer “excite me” when a new shoe appears and the manufacturer claims to have found the holy grail of the grip and durability, it has happened to me so many times that I no longerI believe nothing.

However, the sole of the new Specialized 2FO Roost Flat offers a grip and a connection with the impressive pedal, at the level of the leading sole and absolute reference of the market.In fact, if you are one of those who like to be able to rectify the tread once you have set foot on the pedal you will have to stop strength to be able to relocate the foot on the pedal or use a less aggressive pedal.

In addition to the compound, another key factor is the new hexagonal tacos pattern that according to Specialized engineers manage.This is something that I cannot demonstrate "scientifically" but what I can assure you is that it works!At first I thought that such a bestial grip was going to be directly related to an accelerated wear of the sole but I was wrong again.

After more than six months with these sneakers enduro and campillo the sole is still in perfect condition and that I only use aggressive pedals with long pins.This grip/durability relationship had not seen it in any shoe so far.With respect to the wet grip, more than the same, the sole maintains the same touch and the same grip as if it were dry.In hardening use, the rubber of the sole has barely rebounds with what is not created that feeling of distrust or insecurity, in the middleexcessively soft.

In summary, the new Specialized 2fo Roost Flat has "fooled" totally, behind this aesthetic so harmless and "casual" a shoe is hidden with impressive, super comfortable and full of technology and good solutions and good solutions.I have pleasantly surprised how after more than half a year doing the donkey with them I have not managed to "crush them", just some small unimportant scar ... or make myself older or these 2fo are really hard and resistant.

And finally I can not be happier to have discovered these shoes since I can finally see “light at the end of the tunnel” when there is already a manufacturer that can stand up and offer the market and to the platform lovers a real alternativeWith a product at Five Ten, so far the undisputed leader brand in grip.The new Specialized 2fo Roost Flat are available in green/black, are very light, 344 g (each shoe) in size 41 and have a competitive price of € 99.90.