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Check out these ideas to wrap your Christmas gifts

Check out these ideas to wrap your Christmas gifts

The arrival of Christmas Eve is increasing.

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When wrapping a gift, products that are bought in any store are usually used but you knew that this Christmas season used thousands of tons of paper to wrap, which contributes to the loss of trees, natural forests that help control theenvironment.This paper ends in the garbage, incinerated, which also causes double pollution.

Tips to decorate gifts:

Échale un ojo a estas ideas para envolver tus regalos de navidad

-That the wrapping is recycled material

-Exploit your creativity with products you have at home

-A suggestion is to cut pieces of garments that you no longer use and take advantage of the details such as buttons, bows or pockets to give it a unique touch.Close the package using insurance.

- Applies the furoshiki technique.In ancestral times in Japan a rectangular fabric called furoshiki was used to wrap gifts and all kinds of things.

-Reutylize objects to package.It is one of the best techniques to save some paper.

-Reutylizes cookie cans or fried potatoes, shoe and cereal box are the perfect wrapping for your gifts.

-A recycled glass bottle, for example, it can be perfect if these parties have decided to make scented bath salts to give to your friends and family.Choose jars and bottles of different and beautiful formats and add a handmade label.

- During the holidays you can also involve the kids in Christmas decoration tasks and preparation of gift packages.Your little artists will be happy to make crafts and decorate the paper to wrap the gifts.


Packaging a gift for a loved person is part of a ritual to which it is difficult to give up, but it is possible to do it in a more respectful way for the planet