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Skating: the exercise that helps you tone your whole body and that burns the most calories!

Skating: the exercise that helps you tone your whole body and that burns the most calories!

Discover the benefits that skating offers your legs, buttocks and abdomen, as well as the power of this exercise to tone up and burn calories. Run for some skates now!

By Paola ZamarripaSkating: the exercise that helps you tone the whole body and that burns the most calories! Skating: The Full-Body Toning Exercise That Burns The Most Calories!

Roller skating is one of the most fun activities to exercise the body, relax the mind and acquire other skills, such as balance. In fact, due to the effort of the various muscles involved, it has become one of the favorite exercises for toning the body and burning calories for many fitness people.

Keep reading to discover all the benefits you'll get from skating to convince yourself to take up the sport again now not just for fun and fun, but as part of your daily routine!

The benefits of skating for your health

Increases concentration, balance and relaxation

Skating is not an easy activity that everyone can do perfectly the first time time. Balance, coordination, practice and a lot of concentration are needed to maintain an effective skating routine, so doing this type of aerobic exercise, according to ABC, 'favors the generation of neurons and decreases adrenaline levels', being key to improve control over our body, as well as combat stress and anxiety.

Improves breathing

Skating: the exercise that helps you tone the whole body and burns the most calories!

Breathing control is essential when skating for medium to long periods of time, since oxygen is needed as fuel to have energy and keep the heart rate elevated. Therefore, this is an excellent aerobic exercise that will fill your lungs with air and improve breathing greatly.

Strengthens the heart

By oxygenating your entire body and putting it in motion, skating promotes circulation, lowers blood pressure and helps lower cholesterol levels if practiced frequently. The set of these factors reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, hypertension, arterial problems and more.

muscle at the same time. If you want a slim and well-defined silhouette, it is very important that you have a routine with varied movements and progressive demand to take advantage of all its benefits.

How many calories do I burn skating?

As we already mentioned, one of the biggest attractions of skating is the sheer amount of calories and fat it allows us to burn. According to the Holmes Place expert, you can expend between 400 and 700 calories per hour depending on the intensity you practice, much like jumping rope, which is another top exercise for toning the body.

Which muscles are exercised when skating?

In roller skating the muscles of the whole body are activated, although the greatest work is focused on the core, which is where the center of gravity is. However, the muscles that are most exercised when skating are the abdomen, legs, arms and buttocks.

Convinced of skating as part of your fitness routine? Start doing it as soon as possible to take advantage of its benefits and, yes, always do it with due care (and with the necessary protection) to avoid injuries.