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How to eliminate the footprints of your sandals

How to eliminate the footprints of your sandals

Sandals are summer footwear par excellence, it is the choice of the vast majority of people to be comfortable and fresh.But with them, there is a problem that usually affects us all, and are those characteristic footprints that are being impregnated with use due to sweat.The question is, how to clean leather sandals or other materials?

There are solutions beyond replacing our old sandals, they are also more effective than we think.Pay attention, we offer you a few simple tricks that will allow you to clean your favorite sandals without effort.Here we go!

How to clean the interior of sandals

There are solutions beyond replacing our old sandals, they are also more effective than we think.Pay attention, we offer you a few simple tricks that will allow you to clean your favorite sandals without effort.Here we go!

1.Suede sandals

To clean the suede sandals there is a specific trick that is the best solution, although you do not just believe it.This is the paper of sandpaper, with which you will get incredible and immediate results, leaving your sandals in perfect condition.

two.Leather sandals

Leather is a delicate material and the first thing we should know is whether our sandals are made of treated leather.To do this, you will only have to drop a drop of water on your leather sandals: if it slips, it is treated leather.

We can use sodium bicarbonate to clean leather sandals, but if it is treated leather we will have to remove it with a cloth moistened with water and vinegar.This mixture will make wonders with this material.

Bicarbonate will require a whole day to do your job before withdrawing it.In addition, it is advisable to use a newspaper ball inside the leather sandals to absorb moisture before using them.With just over ten minutes before we put them enough, which will prevent bad odors from adhere to our sandals.

Cómo eliminar las huellas de tus sandalias

Betún or chair oil are other products that can help us in the care of leather sandals.The particular oil is perfect for this purpose.

3.Water sandals

Most of these plastic sandals or flip flops can be put in the washing machine and do not require other care but apply a deodorant when they are dry.Another effective option is to spray a few drops of tea tree to water sandals, as it serves as a fungicide and eliminates bad smell.

4.Cork sandals

Cleaning cork sandals is very easy.Follow the following tips to keep them in perfect condition for a long time.You will need hot water, a specific spiker brush and soap to clean the cork, better if it is artisanal.

First, spread the sandals with the soap moistened with hot water.Then, wet the brush in water and rub the cork sole careful not to harm it, so do not exercise much strength.

When you finish, rinse with cold water the cork sandals and check the result.If you consider it necessary, repeat the entire process that, in addition, will end the bad smell.Finally, put the sandals to dry and do not use them until they are completely dried.Do not be afraid to wet the cork, it is waterproof and repel the water.

How to clean the sweat of sandals

1.With sodium bicarbonate

Whether your leather, water, cork or suede sandals, bicarbonate is quite useful for cleaning.And not only has excellent qualities to clean a large number of materials, but also provides the benefit of bleaching them and eliminating their bad smell.

So, if our sandals darkened due to sweat and usual use, this will be one of the most appropriate methods to clean them.Bicarbonate is very effective, especially in water sandals, and it is not complicated to use.

The first thing you should do is wash the sandals with hot water.Then, sprinkle the bicarbonate on the sole and let it act for five minutes or less.Once you have done its effect, remove the remains with an old toothbrush that you are no longer going to use and ready!It is advisable to use this treatment also in soles.

Bicarbonate also has the advantage of eliminating bad odors, so if our sandals retain any unpleasant smell, you can solve it as follows.Mix the bicarbonate with a little salt water until you get a paste.Then use this paste and a toothbrush and follow the same procedure that we have explained before, then eliminating the remains.You will see that any unwanted smell of your sandals will have disappeared.

two.In the washing machine

The washing machine is an option to wash cork sandals and other materials that we rarely consider, although you should not discard this alternative.If we wash in it any other clothing or footwear article, why not do it with our sandals?

You just need to know how to use it to wash the sandals, and that is that the program for delicate clothing with cold water and a pinch of detergent is the most recommended thing.If you also add some vinegar to the washing machine, you can get rid of the bad odors that water sandals or other materials have acquired with use.

But be careful with some materials, such as leather sandals, since they do not respond so well to this washing method.But don't worry, you can always perform sodium bicarbonate treatment.Another precaution to consider is whether our sandals have cobbled or other stuck ornaments, because the washing machine is a terrible option and our sandals will be devoid of all those ornaments after the bustle of the drum.

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