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How to combine a short or long jumpsuit to turn it into a modern look in nine different ways

How to combine a short or long jumpsuit to turn it into a modern look in nine different ways

street style

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Jumpsuits create the easiest total look in our wardrobe. But sometimes that makes us settle and stop innovating with our looks. Don't you know how to take advantage of your jumpsuit in a much more current way? The street style leaves us nine formulas with which we are going to succeed in a guaranteed way.

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A look at…

With trench coat, trainers and a luxury bag

The simplest things are sometimes the most powerful and this is the perfect example. Because with some sports shoes and a trench coat we will have a very easy fall style that always works. If we add a leather bag to this, we add more sophistication to the whole set.

With t-shirt underneath in pinafore dress

Cómo combinar un mono corto o largo para convertirlo en un look moderno de nueve formas diferentes

The jumpsuits with straps continue to give a lot of cane in autumn and winter. If in summer we wear them with sandals, when the cold arrives we put a tight turtleneck sweater or a long-sleeved shirt under them to make them the most modern pinafore pants.

Short jumpsuits with high heels to forget about the party dress

They say that little black dress is essential in the bottom of the wardrobe and that it saves you on all special occasions. But little is said about a good short black jumpsuit with which to show off your legs and innovate beyond the dress. Some good heels, an evening bag and you will be the most wanted guest of the party.

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With ugly platform shoes

If no one beats you to modernity, surely you already have a good ugly shoe in your closet. Loafers, platform boots or men's shoes with chunky soles are worth wearing with the jumpsuit, because they create a very nerdy and modern look.

A total look only suitable for daring

If you thought that the total look of the jumpsuit could not go further, it is why you did not think of combining it with the bag. An extreme only suitable for the most daring that guarantees you to be the most modern wherever you go.

In a working version and with contrasting statement jewels

Mechanic-style work overalls are all the rage, but their sporty, laid-back vibe may not fit all your plans. Nothing that cannot be fixed with the most maximalist jewels, which create a contrast worthy of the best street style.

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Classic jumpsuits and all the accessories together

Jumpsuits in neutral tones are perfect as a blank canvas to put on all your on-trend accessories. Chunky boots, sunglasses, scarves, jewelry, bucket hats or whatever has conquered you this season.

Pirate jumpsuits and high boots

We love the idea of ​​taking advantage of the culotte design jumpsuits for the fall, wearing them with high boots to play with the combinations. This way you don't get cold and keep your style intact.

In second skin version and with dress on top

We've seen them on Hailey Bieber and Beyoncé, but we didn't know how to wear them or on what occasion. Until now, because this insider has inspired us to wear them under summer dresses and mark ourselves as the definitive 2-in-1: you avoid the cold and put the most modern twist on your look.

Photos | Imaxtree.

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