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How to clean the laminate flooring so that it is shiny

How to clean the laminate flooring so that it is shiny

A laminate flooring needs special care when cleaning it. This material is very fashionable nowadays, it also looks great and gives a very cozy atmosphere to your home, but it is much more sensitive than other floors.

In this way, cleaning the laminated flooring requires some care with the products used. Therefore, we show you how to clean this type of floor so that it is perfect, always looks like new and lasts for many years in good condition. Join us!

What is a laminated floor?

Laminate flooring is a wooden surface that can be installed on top of a subfloor and offers a very attractive and natural look to any room. However, as we have indicated, they are delicate soils.

Although it is true that, nowadays, laminated floors are made with treated wood so that they are more resistant and do not deteriorate over time. However, despite the fact that laminated flooring is not as demanding as parquet, we will have to carefully select the products that we use for cleaning the home.

In any case, don't worry, because taking care of these floors is not as complicated as it seems. If you follow the following recommendations, it can last for many years in perfect condition. Find out how to clean the floating floor!

How to take care of the laminate flooring

Entering with street shoes, the dust that accumulates, crumbs and other remains of food, spilled liquids and also the humidity itself, could end up spoiling our laminate flooring.

Logically it is a floor, and since it gets dirty, we will have to scrub it when we clean the home. Now, you must do it correctly so as not to damage it, so pay attention to these tips.

1. Be careful with humidity

How to clean laminated flooring to make it look shiny

When you are going to start cleaning the laminated flooring, do not wet it excessively. If you use a mop, wring it out well. Otherwise, the floor could end up sticky, sticky and lackluster. In fact, dull spots are even likely to appear in the face of excess moisture.

2. Beware of the sun

Like humidity, the sun is also very damaging to a laminate flooring. As with parquet, the sun will eat away the color, so be very careful with repeated or prolonged exposure to the sun for these floors.

In case you have had a floor for a long time and the sun has already hit it, you will have verified that the color has been lost in the areas where it hits directly. To solve it, you can place curtains and you will avoid the incidence of solar rays.

3. Don't go in with street shoes

Taking off your shoes before entering the house, as Orientals do, makes sense. And it is that we can enter everything in our shoes, such as bacteria and a lot of dirt. For this reason, especially if you have a laminated floor, the ideal is to enter without shoes or use rugs to clean it before entering.

However, if you've already stepped on dirty shoes, don't delay with cleaning the laminate flooring in case you have stained it. The longer you take to do it, the more it will cost you to remove the stain, something that can lead to premature wear of the floor.

How to clean the floating flooring

Here are the steps you must follow to properly clean the floating flooring:

  1. The first thing you should do when cleaning the house is to vacuum. Thus, you will avoid having to pass the brush that leaves more lint and dirt. In addition, you will reduce the use of a wet mop or cloth. In this regard, mopping will also be helpful.
  2. When you are done with the vacuum, fill a bucket with clean, distilled water. Since the flooring is a little less delicate than parquet, you can use a normal floor scrubber, but remember to wring out the mop very well.
  3. When mopping, do it in the same direction as the strips of wood. Thus, you will prevent water and dirt from entering the holes. Apply some pressure with the mop on your laminate flooring for an optimal result.
  4. On the other hand, it is essential that the mop is very clean, otherwise dirt could hinder the cleaning process.< /li>
  5. Finally, to finish cleaning the laminate flooring, it is necessary to mop again with very clean water to rinse the detergent.

How to make it shine Laminate flooring

During home cleaning, if you've finished with the laminate flooring, it's time to polish it. For this, it will not be necessary to resort to polishing products, since all they would do is make it more dirty.

It is best to bet on apple cider vinegar, which is also cheap and you can find it without difficulty. This way, all you have to do is apply it right after mopping the floor.

To do this, fill the bucket with hot water and a good stream of this vinegar. Dip the mop in the mixture and wipe it over the entire surface. Remember to do it in the same direction as the wooden boards, and pay special attention to those with less shine.

Finally, this same method can also be used to clean any type of wooden floor, such as parquet.

In summary, the best way to keep your laminate flooring in good condition for longer is to put protectors on the legs of chairs and tables, use rugs, clean it correctly, take off your shoes before entering and be careful with external agents.

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