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French innovation in CES |Bags against spyware and cases against phone addiction

French innovation in CES |Bags against spyware and cases against phone addiction

In this 2022 edition of CES, the great technological fair of Las Vegas, the Pavilion of France is bigger than ever.In fact, it is the second in importance behind the United States and has more than 140 emerging companies.

"The French presence in CES 2022 is huge.We have more than 140 start-up present at this event-explains Christelle Peyran de Business France-.Preparing this fair takes us normally for a year, we started in January to be ready in January of the following year, but this time we did not know we could attend, for the prohibition of traveling.So we had to prepare everything in less than two months ".

Pozzz, against the addiction to the phone

One of these companies is Pozzz, from Bordeaux, which presents a small smart portfolio to combat addiction to the phone.

Innovación francesa en el CES | Maletas contra los spyware y estuches contra la adicción al teléfono

"We have created this smart pocket.You place the smartphone inside and after 15 minutes you get points.It's a game.We become something playful, positive, to pause during the day, not to be six hours pending phone.My son is 12 years old and we negotiated with him who after three months would get some shoes, ”says Alexandre Faucher, general director of Pozzz.

Umbra, a suitcase that neutralizes spyware

Umbra presents a suitcase in which participants to sensitive meetings introduce their phones and smart watches to neutralize possible spy or spyware programs.

"Many security professionals do not trust their phone.I have witnessed situations in which they do not feel comfortable just for leaving their phone on the table, "argues Othman Benmansour, general director of Umbra.

The idea arose as a result of the Pegasus scandal, the spy software used to infiltrate telephones of activists, journalists, businessmen and politicians.

"We have seen many scandals, such as Pegasus, which has affected many personalities, professionals in different sectors and governments, in many countries," says Benmansour.