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For a sexy Christmas gift, two women ended up grabbing the ‘wicks’

For a sexy Christmas gift, two women ended up grabbing the ‘wicks’

Business farewell parties are the attractiveness of this day at the end of the year in many companies, which seek the integration of their employees, and also show gratitude to their own, giving certain types of gifts.

Just one of the details delivered to one of the employees while carrying out a business celebration, caused a strong gresca between two women, after the area head gave him a sexy lingerie.

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However, with what he did not count was that the wife of the Lord who delivered the detail, showed his dislike for the same.This fact caused a strong fight, because the lady immediately began to claim the woman to the point that she began to grab her hair, and a strong fight between the women was unleashed.

Por un sexy regalo de navidad, dos mujeres terminaron agarradas de las ‘mechas’

The Lord's wife sensed that they were holding a hidden relationship, something that caused their anger and prompted her to act in this way.

The attendees of this meeting tried to separate this couple, and said that this altercation could have been avoided if the man had not attended his sentimental partner.

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The fact that was presented in the city of Carmen, Campeche (Mexico), was recorded by one of the people who were in the place, and that hung on social networks.

The images became viral in a matter of minutes.Many people did not avoid commenting on this, stating that the guilt is the subject to put this type of gifts so daring and more in front of his wife.However, others defended him, saying that this could be to play a joke that some believe he got out of control.