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 Facebook censors the body of Tess Holliday |  TELVA

Facebook censors the body of Tess Holliday | TELVA

Censorship on social media is nothing new. His subsequent protests and criticisms, either. Now it has been Facebook that makes headlines around the world after deleting a photograph "for going against its policy." In the image, which is part of the Feminism and fat campaign initiative, one of the most famous plus-size models on the planet appears in a two-piece bikini that exposes much of her body. Faced with the barrage of criticism, Facebook has backed down.

"They displayed body parts in an undesirable way." This is the pretext that the social network par excellence has used to justify the elimination of the photographs of the XL model Tess Holliday, alleging that they were contrary to her health and prevention policy. In the images, which were part of the campaign of the Australian feminist organization Cherchez La Femme, Feminism an Fat, Holliday appeared in a two-piece bikini, revealing part of her body. The objective of the initiative was to promote the acceptance of the body in all its forms and thus put an end to stereotypes.

After the rain of criticism from users, the company lifted its veto on Monday and published an official statement with which they tried to justify her actions, the result of an alleged error due to advertising bombing. "Our team processes millions of ad images every week and sometimes incorrectly bans ads. This image does not violate our ad policies. We apologize for the error and have approved the ad."

Facebook censura el cuerpo de Tess Holliday | TELVA

For its part, Cherchez La Femme has also spoken out against the censorship of the platform. "I was angry, I couldn't understand it. It was a horrible performance. Women with obese bodies can, of course, be as desirable as anyone else," Jessamy Glesson, one of the organization's managers, told The Guardian.

Tess Holliday, 30, is one of the world's best-known XL models. She was the first plus-size woman to grace the cover of People magazine, and a pioneer in signing with a renowned modeling agency. The model continues to deny that she is not in good health and continues to show off her curves.

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