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Crossfit: why you should use specific shoes to perform better and avoid injuries

Crossfit: why you should use specific shoes to perform better and avoid injuries

The current situation that we have had to live has forced us to change, in a certain way, our way of understanding and facing our daily lives and demanding changes in our habits and customs.Crossfit: Why you should wear specific shoes to perform better and avoid injuries Crossfit: Why you should wear specific shoes to perform better and avoid injuries

It is in these cases that the sport goes from being something like a hobby to a day-to-day liberation. In this sense, Crossfit has been a discipline that has been gaining followers for some time now, even in current times.

Almost no implement is needed to do it; you can carry it out in your own home (turning it into a box); and it doesn't take too much time. Just the one you want to use. Of course, as in any discipline that requires extra performance from the body, it is necessary for a professional or qualified person to keep track of what we are doing to avoid unnecessary injuries.

In this sense, crossfit, by combining movements and practices from various disciplines, such as weightlifting, gymnastics and athletics, requires a very specific type of footwear to adequately face the workouts of a day (in English, workouts of the day). Because performing snatches is not the same as squats, jumping rope or airbike exercises.

Therefore, what should be taken into account when finding the best crossfit shoe? Once you have set your objectives and goals, the challenge is to know what type of exercises you are going to carry out the most and what degree of intensity you are going to use. Starting from scratch is not the same as spending a year or five practicing a discipline, especially if it is so demanding. In such a case, there are multiple models that adapt perfectly to each one's circumstance.

In general terms, we must focus on the multifunctionality of footwear, paying attention, fundamentally, to five key concepts:

1- CUSHIONING. We are facing a type of exercise that will have a great impact on different parts of our body. In this way, having a shoe with a midsole that cushions or softens the blow will facilitate its performance and prevent injuries.

2- STABILITY. In many cases, we will depend on the shoes to find the necessary balance if we want to perform the exercise optimally, so we will look for footwear that meets that physical demand. There are models that have a buttress in the heel, something more rigid, so that that area of ​​the foot is more protected.

3- ADJUSTMENT. Brands spend more and more time on the upper of the shoe, or what is the same, the upper area that surrounds the foot, like a protective mesh. Depending on the exercise, you will need more or less reinforcement that favors athletic performance.

Crossfit: why you should wear shoes to perform better and avoid injuries

4- GRIP. The sole is an element whose quality is key to carrying out certain exercises. It is what keeps us in contact with the surface we walk on and, if it is not suitable, the lack of support and firmness can even be dangerous. For example, when lifting weights.

5- COMFORT. The materials must guarantee that the foot does not suffer from the simple fact of wearing the shoe. Current models favor ventilation and are provided with padded, soft or even spongy areas to feel comfortable underfoot. This will also help to avoid chafing that leads to wounds or injuries.

This is the basics, but when choosing a shoe, many more aspects come to mind. Even the color can influence the choice. Some people are looking for a more versatile shoe, with which to face almost any exercise; others who prefer more rigid models because they focus on strength practices; and others who focus more on the drop because they want to focus on career dynamics. Be that as it may, here we leave you a small selection within the wide offer that can be found in sports.


This is the latest version of a model that, originally, has evolved according to the needs of all those who practice crossfit. Versatile, comfortable and provided with all the guarantees to face the most demanding exercises. They favor both support and elasticity. It uses EVA rubber foam in the buffer zone. It's available in various colors.

Buy them here from 97.98 euros.


According to the American firm itself, they have contributed to this second version of their model most linked to crossfit a longer external heel counter, which gives more grip and durability. These are some of the many features that stand out in the DNA of this model. It has been made to counteract, for example, the effects of abrasion when climbing the rope, and the technology it incorporates favors grip power when lifting weights.

Buy them here from 74.56 euros.


Nike could not be missing with its own line of footwear for a sport modality that more and more athletes are approaching. In this way he created the Metcon line, of which there are already six different models. The third version is distinguished by its multifunctionality. It is ideal both for jumping, due to its great cushioning, and for cardio sessions and weight lifting, thanks to its reinforced heel.

Buy them here from 97.96 euros.


It could be said that lightness is the main characteristic of this shoe. However, that does not mean that it is not robust. The upper area is designed with textile materials and suede reinforcements; an EVA midsole and a sole that provide a firm and secure grip. They are perfect for woks linked to metabolic exercises, such as burpees, squats or planks.

Buy them here from 43.11 euros.


Reebook is possibly the sports shoe firm that offers the most variety and types of shoes to the user who wants to perform demanding training. This model, the Crossfit Sprint 2.0, despite the fact that it is not new, has been characterized by responding perfectly to high-intensity exercises, without losing even an iota of lightness and stability.

Buy them here from 115.15 euros.


This is a clear example of a shoe that is aimed at a specific type of crossfit exercise: those linked to weightlifting. Of course, that doesn't mean it can't be put to other uses. But, they are conducive to power and strength exercises. It is for this reason that they have a reinforcement in the upper area and in the heel so that the fit and support are as optimal as possible.

Buy them here from 51.81 euros.


This is one of the shoes with the greatest adaptability on the market. It could be said that they would satisfy the most experienced, demanding crossfit athlete and the one with the greatest variety of woks. So much so that the brand itself says of this model that it is the result achieved after a decade of learning in the box.

Buy them here from 195.86 euros.


Don't be fooled by its apparent lightness. This New Balance model can become the ideal shoe for your training. It offers extra lateral support and ventilation according to the effort made. In the same way, and thanks to its one-piece sole, it provides a more natural and firm stability to the ground in strength exercises.

Buy them here from 77.66 euros.


This is a very popular model among those who practice the most dynamic workouts. Provides great grip and cushioning necessary to counteract impacts that may affect the heel area. In addition, it maintains a medium drop of 4 mm, more or less recommended for crossfit exercises.

Buy them here for 115.35 euros.


Another multifunctional model that provides the wearer with the possibility of changing their physical routine quickly. The side reinforcements and its robust appearance stand out in its preparation. However, that does not mean that they are not light and comfortable. So much so that it has been emphasized that the seams do not cause chafing or irritation on the feet.

Buy them here from 154.02 euros.


Here we have an example of how seriously Reebok has taken it in this discipline. So much so that he has given this shoe the name of one of the fastest and most demanding woks in the specialty: Grace. This model, in addition to standing out for its elegant design, has been made to offer maximum elasticity and breathability.

Buy them here from 144.83 euros.


Its midsole is made of polyurethane which, according to the Japanese firm itself, allows natural flexibility and adapts to body movements. In addition, the upper is so comfortable that it seems that, instead of a shoe, you are wearing a sock. Even so, it is also designed for strength training.

Buy them here from 75 euros.

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