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Press releases for sea breams - Federico's blog - Libertad Digital Libertad Digital

Press releases for sea breams - Federico's blog - Libertad Digital Libertad Digital

The little note from ETA sparing the lives –for the moment– of France and Spain, proclaiming itself the only political and moral instance of the Basque Country and marking the path that all forces must follow so that it does not get angry is one one of the most infectious and effective papers that can be remembered in recent decades.

They say that ETA lays down its weapons. Nothing more false. They say that he leaves the armed activity. Lie. They say stop killing. The same as in the eleven previous truces: as long as it suits him. They say that this time the truce is final. And when hasn't it been? What truce has not been presented as sincere? What ceasefire has not been disguised as definitive and irrevocable?

It offends intelligence that hardly anyone wants to notice the literalness of this part of the statement with two absolutely contradictory sentences:

Communiqués for sea breams - Federico's blog - Libertad Digital Libertad Digital

In other words, ETA has abandoned "armed activity", but only if France and Spain do what they must, that is, what ETA orders, will "the armed confrontation be overcome". But how can "armed confrontation cease" if there is no longer any armed activity? Well, very simple: because everything is a lie: the confrontation, the armed activity, the terror, the blackmail and the totalitarian project of the ETA continue. Come on, the ETA piece of paper is a troll with which Rubalcaba will console himself but to which, by mere electoral calculation, Mariano Rajoy should never have folded.

What the ETA says is a lie, what the PSOE and the PP say is a lie, it is a shame that Rajoy praises judges and prosecutors who, like Garzón, Cándido and other gangs, treated with care and released criminals like De Juana Chaos. The communiqué makes fun of the victims of their attacks, speaking only of their dead (few, compared to those they killed); but PSOE and PP mock the victims and the entire Spanish nation saying that the ETA says what it does not say and that it is going to do what it is not going to do. It is a day of shame for the Spaniards who aspire not to live on loan by the grace of the ETA or in a bubble of lies due to the trickery of the PSOE and the PP. Parodying Churchill we would say: by not really confronting terrorism you have created the lie of peace. You will have a false peace and, of course, you will not get rid of terrorism.