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An app to measure your suitcase with augmented reality

An app to measure your suitcase with augmented reality

Si eres de los que prefieren no documentar tu maleta para evitar demorarte en el aeropuerto, pero no sabes si tu equipaje se considera de mano o carry on, con esta app de realidad aumentada podrás verificar si cumple con los lineamientos para llevarla contigo.Una app para medir tu maleta con realidad aumentada Una app para medir tu maleta con realidad aumentada

The Kayak travel search engine developed a tool within its mobile application to measure the luggage regardless of the airline you use.With this function you can make sure that the suitcase fits in the upper compartment of the plane and you can be considered as hand luggage.

You just have to open the app, it will ask you to scan the ground (necessary to calibrate the function) and then move the camera around your suitcase so that it can detect its size.The tool will measure the length, wide and high of the luggage to determine if it meets the parameters of Carry On.

Tips to pack


Una app para medir tu maleta con realidad aumentada

Taking everything necessary for a long trip in a hand suitc.

It is very important to inform yourself about the type of weather;If there are events in restaurants, museums or in nature;or if it will be on the beach.Once this is defined, make a list by categories such as clothing and footwear, hygiene products, accessories, electronic and documents.


It is one of the things that occupy the most space in our luggage, so it is very important to choose basic garments that are easy to combine.It is recommended to carry neutral and smooth tones that work well for a walk in the morning, as well as a dinner.

Likewise, den.Always pack an extra mute for any unforeseen.


As for this aspect, it is advisable to take only two pairs: some comfortable (such as tennis) for long walks and that you can take stalls from the airport so as not to take space in hand luggage;and some dress shoes for occasions that are required, and if these are suitable for walks, better.


There are several techniques for folding clothes, but winding the garments significantly reduces the space they occupy, they also do not wrinkle.Double compartment bags allow to accommodate the thickest as jeans and on the other something lighter like socks like socks like socks like socks.

For bulky objects such as jackets, the preferable thing is to wear them or in hand;However, there are methods such as "in a vacuum" that allow to reduce its size so that it fits in luggage.

This is the prohibited articles in hand luggage


-Explosives or pyrotechnics

-Sharp Objet

-Tijeras greater than 6 cm

-Cortauñas with razor greater than 6 cm

-Lils with more than 100 ml

-Alcoholic drinks

-Encers or matches

-Poguas with tip

-F any type of loop