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The best Amazon offers: a fryer without oil, a tactile screen pencil, a comforter

The best Amazon offers: a fryer without oil, a tactile screen pencil, a comforter

Sigue nuestra selección de los mejores descuentos que puedes encontrar en Amazon en hogar, tecnología, moda, belleza, deporte...Las mejores ofertas de Amazon: una freidora sin aceite, un lápiz para pantalla táctil, un edredón Las mejores ofertas de Amazon: una freidora sin aceite, un lápiz para pantalla táctil, un edredón

Yesterday ten years have passed since Amazon landed in Spain to change our perception of the Internet as a daily alternative of our purchases.Who was going to think at that time that any consumer with the basic knowledge of the Internet and a bank card could acquire any desired product in a few minutes without hardly difficulty?And something no less important.With offers of all kinds and higher than many shops or shopping centers regardless.

Today is a good example of this.In Bazaar we have set out to demonstrate it with a selection of fashion products, sport, technology, home and beauty in which we include the proposals with better value for money and the discounts that you cannot miss within the immense catalog of this giant of the trade giantelectronic.

So, if you have a purchase in mind, someone's special birthday is approaching or you just wantCurrently selling at Amazon.

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Steam bath for feet

This perfect massager for those who spend a lot.

It provides different types of massages and has three different levels of intensity, so that you choose the one you like and best for you.As you have a timer you can choose if you want a 20 or 30 -minute massage and, at the end, it goes automatically turns off.

You can buy it here for 35.99 euros at 45% discount


This Nordic comfort of the Pikolin brand has more than 15.000 Amazon assessments with an average score of 4.6 stars."It is fine, soft, and does not weigh, so the change has been fabulous, gives enough heat but without being excessive.Nothing cold, and you don't notice that you have it for the little weight you have.Highly recommended.", says one of the comments.

It is microfiber, tested for allergic and measures 220 x 240 cm.It is available for different mattress sizes, although not everyone has the same discount.

You can buy it here for 29.99 euros at 19% discount

Women's sapphire clock

Despite the great irruption of the smartwatches, the timeless look of watches such as this designed in quartz are still highly demanded, since they remain current with the passing of the years.Classic, pure and elegant, this model of the Bering brand has a blow -resistant sapphire crystal as well as a stainless steel strap

You can buy it here for 101 euros at 47% discount

Tactile screen pencil

This pencil for iPad (designed for models 2021/2020/2019/2018) can become an excellent option when making drawings or illustrations, or even take notes on our compatible graphic tablet.Has a high precision deed of 0.1s, without delay, without interruption points, without jumping and no noise.You can change the thickness of the line through the inclination detection function.

Admits 20 hours of continuous use, and the load takes only 1.5 hours.In addition, it is equipped with waterproof joints and dust proof, you can better protect the pen.

You can buy it here for 33.99 euros at 8% discount


For a few years now, UKELELE has become one of the most fashionable musical instruments in today's society.If your intention is to start with this phenomenon that today has high dimensions of popularity, this ukelele is ideal to learn.The quality strings are from the Italian brand Centenaria Aquila, they have a brilliant and distinctive tone, easy to press and also easy to refine.It has a special colored design, all polished by hand.

It is designed for all ages, from children to adults and from beginners to professionals.Includes a padded nylon and waterproof concert bag, LED tuner with clip, strap, additional assembly of Aquila strings, fingerboard sticker and polishing cloth.

You can buy it here for 39.99 euros at 20% discount

Fairy detergent pack

There are detergents that at least once in life have been in our kitchens.That is the case of Fairy, this Fairy Pack Ultra Power of 10 bottles of 4.5 liters each will last more than you think about its optimal antigrade effect.Eliminates fat instantly at your hand by hand even with cold water.And, in addition, its formula respects the skin so it is not necessary to wear gloves.

You can buy them here for 15.19 euros (at 20% discount).

Fryer without oil

Do you love fried but you can't continue taking so much fat in your meals?Oil -free fryers are a healthier option to continue enjoying prepared foods in the way you like.Aigostar Hayden Pro is an air fryer of 1500 W, which has removable, timer, automatic shutdown basket, and is free of BPA.It has 3.5 liters of capacity in its cooked basket and 4.2 liters of total interior capacity.

You can buy it here for 55.24 euros (at 36% discount).

Bavers game

Benoa stainless steel bowl game is perfect for mixing.It consists of three units of different size (5, 3 and 2 rooms), with non -slip silicone background that helps stabilize them while mixing, include covers that fit perfectly with airtight seal to keep the food fresh, three grain accessories, spoonMeasurement, flexible spatula, spreading shovel, silicone brush and egg whistle.In addition, it is suitable for freezer and dishwasher, and spots resistant and flavor.

You can buy them here for 27.13 euros (at 35% discount).


Whether Teleworking always and if you do sporadically it is important for your health to do it in desktop or office chairs that meet at least two parameters.They must correctly adjust to the posture allowing to support their backs completely and have the feet on the ground, and the seat must be adjustable.The Amazon Brand also has adjustable lumbar support, 3D armrests and 360 degree rotating wheels.It is made with a special mesh fabric of high quality, breathable, comfortable and durable.

You can buy it here for 146.61 euros (at 40% discount).

Radio frequency

The radiofrequency apparatus of the Moassy brand for facial beauty has six LED light therapy modes.Its ultrasonic technology with ion and wavelengths of the LED light provide a clean rose and help reduce acne, redness, fine lines and retractable pores.In addition, they contribute to whitening the skin reducing discolored freckles and age or brown spots, and helping to have firm, bright and elastic skin.

You can buy it here for 26.92 euros (at 25% discount).

Desktop loader

Las mejores ofertas de Amazon: una freidora sin aceite, un lápiz para pantalla táctil, un edredón

Loading the phone or wireless headphones is more comfortable when you simply have to plug.With the MS Pad's desktop loader you simply have to place these devices on top, just as we usually pose the mobile on a table while we eat, work or sleep.It is compatible with Magsafe, iPhone 12, Pro, Pro Max, Mini and others.

You can buy it here for 7.25 euros (at 34% discount).

Oil dispenser bottle

This vinegar and oil dispenser bottle has capacity for 500 ml.It is made of glass and has a dump peak and anti -completion cap.Thanks to the first, a simple pressure with one hand allows it to open it easily avoiding the drip and controlling the amount you want to use in the dressing.The pressure lid that is released by lever prevents dust entry.Ideal for serving and storing oil, keeps fresh flavors for longer.

You can buy it here for 8.23 euros (at 41% discount).


If you like to enjoy home on a large screen and with a 360º envelope sound, this miniprojector is what you are looking for.You do not need complicated facilities or cables.With capsule you will enjoy up to 100 inches to see your favorite movies or play video games.You just have to turn it on and reproduce content from HDMI and USB devices through the two rear ports.It connects through AirPlay, Miracast or Bluetooth.You can handle it through an app from your smartphone.

You can buy it here for 299.99 euros at 41% discount

LED lamp for plants

This plant lamp improves growth, favors germination and flowering.It works with LED, it is very similar to sunlight and that is why they give the energy that your plants need.It is used for interiors and the pack includes a flexible neck lamp so you can turn it where you need, four heads, a resistant clamp and a remote control.

You can buy it here for 23.79 euros at 41% discount

Wall focus

These spotlights to put on the wall will give your bedroom or living room a very fashionable industrial touch.It is flexible and orientable, so you can use it only without disturbing another person.It has a black metal screen with the inside in gold, which is 10.5 cm in diameter.It is perfect as reading light.It requires a maximum E14 bulb of 40 w, not included.It is possible to use a LED bulb.

You can buy it here for 13.81 euros at 40% discount

Plug thief with USB

This thief has four normal plugs plus two USB ports that will allow you to meet your diverse load needs in the same place.Thus, with this multiple charger without cable you can save space and keep your things ordered.

It also has double shelf so you can place devices such as electric or mobile brushes.It also has a night light with movement sensor to light in the dark.Each CA interface has a built -in child security door to prevent children from receiving electric shocks.This adapter can be used anywhere and as it weighs 360 grams you can take it on a problem without problem.

You can buy it here for 25.99 euros (13% discount)

TD Systems TV

The TD Systems brand offers a very interesting catalog of televisions for the mid -range, especially in terms of price.TD Systems K45DLJ12US is a great alternative for any user.Sufficient connectivity to perform the main and 45 inches, with two USB 2.0 and its side av.In addition, you can reproduce content in Ultra HD 4K and have the Android 9 operating system installed.0.One of the television of this size and with the most affordable wifi connection on the market.

You can buy it here for 299 euros (25% discount).

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

If you are looking for a tablet with high performance but that does not suppose a huge disburse.This is the case of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 model with Wi -Fi, with a 10 10 tactile screen.4 "Fullhd and resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels, to be able to visualize videos, movies and series with excellent quality.

In addition, it has a 3 GB RAM and a 32 GB storage, which admits the possibility of expanding to 1TB thanks to its microSD slot.It has an 8MP rear camera and a stereo sound provided with four Dolby Atmos speakers and 3D enveloping technology.

You can buy it here for 180 euros (21% discount)


We want to save everything: photos, files, videos...But everything does not fit anywhere.However, an external hard drive is a good solution for digital diogenes.This one that we show you is My Book, a safe desktop storage disk, with a large amount of space and equipped with social networks import function and cloud storage.It has a USB port and is available with several capabilities.This, in Concreo, is 4 TB.

You can buy it here for 106.99 euros at 21% discount

Cecotec vacuum cleaner

This aspiring robot is a 4 in 1: sweep, aspires, pass the mop and beer.In addition, it has an intelligent scrub with 3 scrubbing levels suitable for all types of surfaces, six car cleaning modes, edges, room, spiral and back home.

With three cleaning phases to catch dirt, dust and remains in carpets and hard floors and with two multifunction brushes.It is compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home, from where you can program your cleaning.

You can buy it here for 379 euros (46% discount)

Realme C21 Free Smartphone

Realme C21 stands out for its huge 5 battery.000 mAh, its triple rear camera and, especially, a very affordable price for our pocket.These characteristics make you keep the weight in 190 grams and prevents the terminal from heating.In addition, it has a matt finish that effectively combats footprints and scratches.Rounded songs and a thickness less than 9 mm also contribute to generating a pleasant sensation when sustaining it in hand, both in touch and ergonomics.

The LCD screen with a drop -shaped notch and relatively adjusted bevels, with the exception of the lowerinch (270 ppp), provides good visualization and automatic brightness.Regarding its authentication systems, it comes with a footprint reader (located in the back) and facial recognition.But its strongest point is autonomy, more than 10 hours of screen, surpassing without difficulties the two days with average use and can reach three days with moderate use.

Buy it here at a price of 129 euros (with a 7%discount).

Agenda for the new course

With a flowery and cheerful design and a motivating phrase in the pasta ("The only impossible is what you do not try"), this agenda has become one of the favorites of Amazon users now that the beginning of a newcourse.In it you will have enough space to write down your pending plans, duties or tasks (one page per day).

In addition, it has special leaves to organize as the course calendar, quarterly schedules, absences and delays or contacts.And with useful information such as maps of Spain, Europe and the world, or English tables with irregular verbs, adverbs, prepositions, phrasals verbs or the false Friends.It also has 80 stickers with which to customize the notes.

You can buy it here for 5.53 euros (8% discount).

Amazfit Band 5

Talk with Amazon Alexa on your Amazfit Band 5, configure alarms and timers, create shopping lists, check the weather and control your intelligent domestic devices.

With this bracelet you can measure the blood oxygen saturation, you will know your heart rate, you will precisely know the steps taken, the distance traveled, the burned calories and your sleep patterns.It is ideal during high intensity training, marathons and gym training, something else?That your battery lasts 15 days.

You can buy it here for 26.90 euros (36% discount).

Lady Million de Paco Rabanne

One of the best -selling female perfumes in recent years.Lady Million's floral and fruity touch continues to conquer women from all over the world more than a decade after its launch.Orange blossom, jasmine, honey, pachulí and some citrus aromas are just some of the notes that can be seen in this colony of Paco Rabanne.The container, which mimics the shape of a diamond and is golden color, is 30 milliliters and has a vaporizer.

You can buy it here for 29.85 euros (6% discount).

Samsung Galaxy M12

Metallic finish and soft lines provide easy clamping, so it feels in your own hands as well as it seems.These are two of the aesthetic strengths of the Samsung Galaxy M12, available in three colors black, light or green.It also highlights the expansion of visualization thanks to the 6.5-inch Infinity-V screen.With HD+technology, your daily content will look bright, clear and precise.With your quadruple camera you can capture memorable moments with clear detail.

The main camera is 48 MP, but you can expand the visualization angle thanks to the great angle camera.Customize the focus with the focal chamber or give them more importance to the details with the macro camera of your smartphone.

You can buy it here for 222 euros (3% discount).

G-Star Raw sweatshirt

Anticipation is rewarded with a saving of 44.19 euros, which is almost half (49%) of the usual price of this sweatshirt, in the bazaar today for only 45.76 euros.And the opportunity height is completed with the brand: G-Star RAW, urban trend.

Maybe it costs in August to imagine with the hood on and the knotted cords, but it will be the reality shortly.And by then we will have in the closet a first sweatshirt, available in three tones and in all warm cases (55% cotton) and comfortable (45% polyester).Machine washable, for every day.

You can buy it here for 76.46 euros (15% discount).

Digital Chamber for Children

A chamber for children that leads the memory to when the older eren children, and for 22.94 euros, 48% less than any other day.Great moments of the past with technology now: Digital -two -inch panel -, with HD video, with multiplier zoom up to 8, USB connection...

With accentuated colors, to capture the attention and interest of children, and capacity for 20.000 High quality photos on the 32 GB card included, this Peradix model offers advanced functions: six filters, 15 photo frames, timer shooting, bursting...They, the little ones, will know how to drive her better than the parents.

You can buy it here for 22.94 euros (38% discount).


Moleskine notebook

The good purpose of starting a newspaper in September or the attempt to put order in the routine.Perhaps a place to write down what should be remembered, be it the list of purchase or the dates indicated.A Moleskine with a thousand uses but, above all, with that resistance that will turn it into a lasting company.

The best paper in 192 pages, the most elegant design -with marks and compartment for notes on the back -manufacturing with the best standards, its elastic closure and a great price, 11.74 euros, thanks to the 26% discount.This 9 x14 centimeters model, of pocket, is the ideal to always transport it with you.And take note.And nothing forgets.

You can buy it here for 12.08 euros (24% discount).


Are you one of those who can't live without music?Take it everywhere with this wireless speaker and Bluetooth Energy Urban Box 2.With six hours of autonomy and 360 envelope sound, it is an economic and complete model with TWS (True Wireless Stereo, which will allow you to synchronize two speakers to double the sound) and FM mode to listen to the radio.With a cylindrical design that consists of dimensions of size 160 x 68.8 x 68.8 mm and a weight of 450 grams, the energy system urban box 2 convinces young people and adults, as it is not an element of distortion in the home.

Regarding connectivity, it has auxiliary audio input of 3.5mm, accompanied by a USB port, but also by a micro-SD slot that allows MP3 files to be played from external memories (maximum 64 GB).Covered with resistant fabric and with the colors that make vibrate, connect to the mobile and allow you to receive the phone calls.

Buy it here for 17.59 euros (with a 12%discount).

The best selling crocs

Very few pieces in the fashion world generate a response as controversial as the crocs, the so -called "ugliest shoe in the world" which, however, is a superventas for its comfort.Crocs clogs have been generating loves and hatreds almost two decades.But there is an incontestable fact: we like it or not, they are always well valued by users: there is no more functional shoe.

Since its creation in 2002, the firm of Colorado, which has an important bulk of its sales among health personnel (in fact, has donated more than a thousand pairs to different Spanish hospitals) has seen how its product, originally raised for navigation,It became a basic of the urban nuclei.Have you already tried them?this is a good chance.

Buy them here at a price of 24.99 euros (with a 44%discount).

Satisfy pro 4 couples

Always satisfy sales in any of your versions.The pro 4 couples model is designed to share as a couple, since it can be used to stimulate the clitoris and that both people also benefit from the vibrations of the insertable silicone magician, designed to locate the point G

The vibrator has 10 adjustable intensity levels, one less than the succor, which reaches 11.The management control allows you to choose the proper level intuitively.

You can buy it here for 34.97 euros (42% discount).

Ultraviolet light flashlight

This tactical flashlight 2 in 1 is the best selling at Amazon.Why?Probably because, in addition to functioning as a hand LED flashlight, it has a way in which it provides ultraviolet light.500 lm modes with the maximum light of 350 m are used in camping, hiking, hunting...For its part, the 395 Nm UV lantern is an essential tool for spots detection, forensic medicine, postal inspections, customs...It is made of aeronautical degree material, it is waterproof and includes three AAA batteries.It has an adjustment of the field of vision (zoom) and four modes (high brightness, medium, strobe and ultraviolet light).

You can buy it here for 13.59 euros at 32% discount.


You can start by reviewing its assessment, 4.7 out of 5, in an outstanding one that touches 10 after exceeding 22 thousand valuations.Or it can be stressed that the brand, Apple, is a sound guarantee of the highest quality.And it cannot be expected that today it arrives with 60 euros of savings, 34% that leaves it at 119 euros.

In the list of products to return to normal (labor), the airpods will occupy a priority place, for the autonomy they give while we work.Fast feeding in the case, a full load guarantees up to 18 hours of conversation, but with only 15 minutes of recharge we will have three hours of audio playback and two conversation.

You can buy them here for 105 euros (41% discount).

70% urea cream

For less than one euro but very effective.This repair cream in jar format contains urea and is specially indicated for rough and dry skin.It absorbs rapidly, moisturizes prolonged and softens the skin.

Another benefits of urea is that, used in greater concentration, acts with peel effect, helping to eliminate dead cells.It is also useful for avoiding flushed hair after hair removal.

You can buy it here for 0.80 euros (70%discount).

Moschyra with magnets

I gave goodbye to the bites and mosquito marks with this magnetic mosquito net.Its use is increasing and this of the Emooqui brand prevents the entry of mosquitoes, flies, insects and dust mites while it has great breathability.

Its installation is very simple without the need for tools or holes.Its incorporated magnet system guarantees automatic opening and closure, which will not be an impediment to manipulating heavy objects.

You can buy it here for 7.99 euros (62% discount).

Serum with hyaluronic acid

Take advantage of the discount on this anti -aging serum that helps preserve the natural qualities of the skin and avoid the appearance of wrinkles.A perfect solution to combat the signs of excessive sun exposure and the passing of the years that can use both men and women.

This serum with high hyaluronic acid content also has a significant amount of vitamin C.In addition the formula has only natural ingredients and is free of parabens, alcohol and sulfates.For radiant skin.

You can buy it here for 16.97 euros (15% discount).


In June, because summer arrives;In September, because this year yes...And so we always return to the scale.To weigh us?Yes, but maybe before we should think about another scale, kitchen, to measure how much we eat.Thus we won in advance.

This Adoric model, which sneaks among the chollos almost at half price (8.49 euros, thanks to a 47%reduction), is one of the favorites in Amazon, established in the outstanding one after more than five thousand valuations.Digital, with LCD screen;in stainless steel, including the platform;precisely to gram, up to five kilos...A safe bet.

You can buy it here for 11.59 euros (28% discount).

Hiking shoes for children

The return to school is just around the corner, it is worth the redundancy, and it is time to get all the essential garments and accessories to start the new course.So if we can get quality and good price, much better.The Merrell Moab FST Low WTRPF model now with a great discount on Amazon has a mesh covering on leather to withstand the wear that children make of the shoes for use, while the rubber sole and the ergonomic design do so do soPerfect to walk the whole day.

Sneakers that must have a good grip, be flexible and a soft sole, but with enough thick.A basic to start the course with good foot.

Buy them here at a price of 40.99 euros (a 32%discount).

Captain America Riñonera

Captain America is older than ever, because it is the comic superhero that saved thousands of people in reality from a terrible disease in reality.Captain America contributed effectively to vaccination against polyomyelitis, because he himself received a vaccine in one of the comics.In any case, the "Marvel fever" is always welcome for comics lovers and the most successful films of these heroes, so an accessory like this fogwall practice is always welcome to give that special wink to the look.

The Riñoneras allow us to wear our wallet, mobile or glasses to good collection.They are much safer than a bag or a backpack and more comfortable than wearing pants to overflower like Doraemon.While Captain America (Chris Evans) had a mission to save the world, who wearing this complement will feel that at least save his most important belongings.

Buy it here at a price of 8 euros (with a 49%discount).


Teleworking, watching series online, playing video games or chatting with friends or family need a good Internet signal at home.That is why Wi-Fi repeaters a magnificent ally to hold telematic meetings, work online, etc..

This TP-Link apparatus stands out for its simple configuration and has a very low consumption.With its five intensity indicators of pointing out, it will guide you on where to place it to multiply the scope of the wireless network.Its two previously internal propel the coverage up to 300 Mbps per second.

You can buy it here for 17.99 euros (22% discount).

Switch memory card

Forget about running out of space in your Nintendo Switch.With this Sandisk MicroSDXC memory card (specific for Nintendo because it has an official license), you will win at load speed to dispose to play without any delay wherever you are.

It has a capacity of 129 GB, so it adds additional space instantly and providing up to 100 MB/s of transfer speed in the games.You can keep all your games on her and be ready to play at any time.

You can buy it here for 19.99 euros (50% discount).

Oral brush b

Dental hygiene is one of the tasks to which you should pay more attention, because the teeth are for a lifetime.This brush now on offer on Amazon is able to clean following a 3D movement to end as much plaque as possible.It carries a light sensor that works automatically every time you notice the pressure, so it is very useful for people with retraction in gums that brush very strong or bruxism.

It is estimated that with the same load you can last a week and propose six cleaning modes.And the value for money is very good, so if you were thinking of getting an electric brush, this model is a safe success.

Buy it here for 35.50 euros (with a 41%discount).

Mini portable projector

If you are a lover of the seventh art, now you can mount your own cinema at home thanks to this 6500 lumens portable projector, which offers a screen size range of 40 to 300 inches (with a distance of one to seven meters), as well asA 7000 contrast ratio, so the viewing experience is of total quality.

It is low energy consumption and its bulb guarantees up to 15 years of useful life.It has incorporated two integrated speakers, to listen without external speaker.Compatible with laptops and mobiles, includes HDMI, USB, VGA.AV, Micro Sd Card, Audio Out 3.5mm.

You can buy it here for 82.99 euros (17% discount)

* As Amazon affiliate, Bazar obtains income from attached purchases that meet the applicable requirements.

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