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Every time we wanted to copy the Harry Styles look

Every time we wanted to copy the Harry Styles look

Since Harry Styles became known as a member of One Direction, a boy band emerged under a British talent program, the singer has made each of his styles overcome the comments and praises of the previous previous.Since he launched the album that is entitled his own name, there have been few occasions in which he has been compared to David Bowie, another of the male stars that best knew how to use fashion to create aUnique image.

The seventies inspiration, clearly androgynous garments or accessories previously reserved for women, such as pearl necklace, have made a hole inside their dressing room.His career towards a fame that is already a reality and that personal taste for designers who risk (and win) have made him deserving of the recognition of being the first man to occupy the cover of Vogue USA alone.

Todas las veces que quisimos copiar el look de Harry Styles

This transition to the icon that is today has been the result of careful work with stylist Harry Lambert that, from his first solo album, has been restructuring the singer's appearance towards that romantic and nostalgic look that longs for a past time but thatHe knows how to adapt until he becomes contemporary.A virtue that dazzled Alessandro Michele, who has made him a Gucci image creating a particular union.

La estética de sus videoclips, multitudinariamente aclamados, también es obra de esta pareja de Harry & Harry que trasladan el universo de estilo del cantante a unas producciones de inspiración cinematográfica y carácterevocadorsetentero que lejos buscar aceptación en la industria quieren diferenciarse y tomar voz propia, y es que Harry Styles y su equipo no cesan en el trabajo por construir su propia ruta con un estilo tan extravagante que sobresale en el panorama mainstream actual.