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Why is Bimba y Lola called like that?

Why is Bimba y Lola called like that?

Bimba y Lola is one of the best-known fashion brands in Spain and beyond the country's borders. It was founded in 2005 by Uxía and María Domínguez. It is a fashion and accessories company of Galician origin and headquartered in Mos, Vigo Metropolitan Area.

However, many people wonder where the store brand name came from. The good side is that it has a simple explanation, since Bimba y Lola is the name of the dogs of the founders. This means that the name of the store does not come from the founders of the store.

Bimba and Lola controversy

The name of the Bimba y Lola fashion brand is not without controversy. This is because she remembers the missing Bimba Bosé, niece of Miguel Bosé. In fact, she denounced the creators of the Galician brand because she had registered the Bimba brand. However, the Supreme Court ended up agreeing with the defendants, so they were able to keep the name.

Home of Bimba y Lola

Why is Bimba and Lola?

The Domínguez sisters, nieces of Adolfo Domínguez, studied in various countries until they decided to create their own brand. This happened in the year 2005, since it had always been his dream. The first step was design plugins. They continue to do this, although they have expanded it, so now there are also garments.

Little by little, the brand began to become more successful. Bimba y Lola currently has275 stores located in 14 countries on three different continents: Europe, America and Asia. This means that it has become a Spanish and international firm that can be accessed in many countries.

The success of Bimba y Lola

We highlight that it has a diversity of stores in such prominent cities as Paris, London, Lisbon, Bologna, Milan, Rome, Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Seoul or Singapore. The work of their designs and their new collections each season stand out above all else, their bags being the firm's biggest claim as they are truly original and with excellent quality finishes.