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Why have you encapsious a retro t -shirt of Barça without a shield

Why have you encapsious a retro t -shirt of Barça without a shield

The references to Meyba are much greater in our fashion imaginary: in Spain it is usual to say 'go in Meyba' instead of saying 'go in a swimsuit' or go 'in very short pants'.In some areas of the south of our country, even, even.How to call Coca-Cola to everything that knows Coca-Cola or putting rimmel in the eyes.Meyba's origin goes back to the 40s, when two friends, José Mestre and Joquín Ballbé (I mean, me-y-ba, that Spanish thing to gather names to create a third) joined and began to make swimsuits.

This fact may be a little less glamorous than Barça (although the brand wore dozens of teams such as Betis, Valladolid, Osasuna, Racing de Santander or even Atlético de Madrid) but there is also: Fraga entered the waters of thePALOMARES MEYBA DRESS.Well that, the swimsuit was everywhere.

Por qué te has encaprichado de una camiseta retro del Barça sin escudo


Barcelona Dream Team Meyba T -shirt, € 50

Why do we talk about Meyba now?Because as is the case with another good handful of sports brands that were especially known in the 90s, he is present again in our fashion life.The reasons you already know them: the tremendous rise of sports fashion (more, the legitimation of streetwear as a luxury and aspirational trend) and generational change.Those who are 30 or 40 years.Its referents are closer to the Kappa tracksuit, of the Champion sweatshirt, of the Air Max 97 or, yes, of the Meyba, than of the fashion of fashion Mad Men de los 50, for example.