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When age is not a limit: drive a Formula 1 with 79 years

When age is not a limit: drive a Formula 1 with 79 years

In Formula 1 there is also a place for emotional moments, exciting moments outside the races and moving stories. Renault has wanted to make us part of its latest occurrence: giving the opportunity to drive a Formula 1 to a 79-year-old former rally driver. If you thought that someone at this age would not make it, you are very wrong.

The protagonist of this video is Rosemary Smith, a former professional Irish rally driver who has tried to keep driving fast cars to this day and who is now, in her late 80s, running a driving school supported by Renault Ireland. . She defines herself in her account as “international rally driver and racing driver. Former clothing designer and model. Athlete. TV personality and style addict.”

VIDEO: she drives a Formula 1 at 79 years old... incredible!

Nothing has ever been limit for Rosemary. Not even the mile-long rallies he has participated in in the past, such as the London – Sydney Marathon, which took a group of competitors through 11 countries from the UK to Australia, or the historic Tulip Rally, which takes place in the Netherlands. and that he won in 1965. He also participated in the Montecarlo Rally, in the Acropolis… and much more.

Cuando la edad no es un límite: pilota un Fórmula 1 con 79 años

What surely the tireless and active Rosemary Smith did not think was that she would get to drive a Formula 1 car sometime in her life, much less at 79 years old. The Irishwoman has had the opportunity to get into a single-seater of the premier class at the Paul Ricard Circuit, in France, where she has also become the oldest person to sit at the controls of an 800 hp F1.

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After receiving theoretical classes, Smith received advice from the current Renault driver Jolyon Palmer, always accompanied by her co-driver, Pauline Gullick. After what we assume were long lessons with members of Renault, Rosemary jumped onto the track at the controls of a Renault F1. As we can see in the images, she has no problem stepping on the accelerator and taking at least one lap of the French track.

“I can't believe she did this!” she commented on her Twitter account after the video was revealed. Without a doubt, a lesson for everyone.