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What happened to Simone Biles? Do you participate in the following Gymnastics finals with the United States?

What happened to Simone Biles? Do you participate in the following Gymnastics finals with the United States?

The American gymnast Simone Biles, is one of the main figures in these Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, but set off the alarms after she announced her retirement in the team final, where she declared that after her first performance of the day she did not want to continue because of a mental health issue.

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Which finals did Simone Biles walk away from at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games?

Giving the statement to withdraw from the team event, Simone Biles has already confirmed that she will not play the individual all-around on the 29th of July, so it remains in suspense if she will participate in the women's vault final on Sunday, August 1, and the women's floor final on Monday, August 2.

Which tests are left for Simone Biles in Tokyo 2020, when are they and at what time?

She still has to confirm her participation in the women's vault final and the women's floor final, being at 3:30 hours the jump and asymmetrical test on Sunday, August 1. Women's floor on Monday, August 2 at 4:00 p.m. and balance beam on Tuesday, August 3 at 3:50 p.m.

Will Simone Biles no longer face Alexa Moreno in show jumping?

What happened to Simone Biles? Is she participating in the next Gymnastics finals with the United States?

No statement has yet been made in this regard, but speculation has it that Simone will most likely withdraw from the competition, as the statement she made when questioned about her withdrawal was blunt: "When I enter the scene it's me and my head. I deal with the demons in my head. I just think mental health is more important in sports right now. We have to protect our minds and bodies, not just do what the world wants of us ", said.

Which gold medals can Simone Biles still win?

If the talented 24-year-old decides to go ahead, she could still win four medals: vault, uneven, floor and balance beams. What she would earn her 34 medals, since she has 30 medals in the Olympic Games.

PHOTO: Reuters


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