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What bed clothes choose to fight the cold

What bed clothes choose to fight the cold

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Bedding is a key element to combat the cold of hard winters.It is not worth just by putting the heating and that's it, you have to have comforters, blankets and sheets in line with the time it does.Therefore, and to make you more bearable the weeks remaining until the sore spring is reached, from Vozpopuli we recommend the following Amazon products.

Bedsure Nordic case

Estilo dibujado de mano de patrón de cuadrifolio, un diseño original, Bedsure Grupos de Cubierta de Duvet trae grupos de cama individual y artísticos para decorar todos los aspectos de su dormitorio - refresque abundantemente la decoración de su habitación existente con dos colores reversibles que caminan con sus juegos de sábanas, fundas de almohadas & faldas de cama.


Reversible flannel blanket

This blanket is made of high quality Sherpa wool with 2 cm hem and is reversible.A piece indicated for the cold because it is very warm.You can wash and dry by machine, but always at low temperature.



Qué ropa de cama elegir para combatir el frío

In a single purchase you will have a valid Nordic filling for the coldest and most warmer spring.It has two layers of 150 and 350grs/m² of filling.The two layers join with an EASY-clip, an easy and resistant union-separation system.Both comforters are filled with a new siliconed polyester microfiber.It is hypoallergic, washable in washing machine up to 60 ºC and allowed the use of a soft dryer.


Microfiber sheet set

The 4 -piece bed sheet set includes 1 225 x 255 cm gaul.The brushed microfiber fabric makes the sheet game exceptionally soft, smooth and comfortable, which keeps it hot in the winter and fresh in the summers.



The definitive solution.Be staying at home or activating outdoors, this blanket with sleeves would be an ideal option.Accompanied with the Manta Polar Manta Bat, I could move to your liking.This large hood bust meets its need for heat.In the cold days you can curl up with this big polar blanket on the couch on the couch.


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