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This week changes the local image and reabre in the shopping of the century

This week changes the local image and reabre in the shopping of the century

It was an icon brand of the 90s, with premises throughout the country and even abroad.He crossed the 2001 crisis, and was afloat of the hand of a business group that re -positioned the firm among the most important of the informal clothing item.Today, the Rosarina This Week brand faces a global image change, which begins with the remodeling of its premises.

That is why, as of this week, the Shopping store of the century will look renewed.The place will now be divided into two: on the upper floor will this Week jeans, and in the subsoil, Oassian, an exclusive atmosphere for the women's clothing brand."The idea is to separate the brands, that each one has a particular identity and get the locals to communicate a common aesthetic to all," explains Maia Mori, a spokeswoman in the image of the This Week and Oassian brands.

This Week cambia de imagen y reabre local en el shopping del Siglo

So far, This Week and Oassian worked in the same space, which, according to Mori, made "very difficult to combine the two styles".Thus, the subsoil was recovered, which was used as a deposit, to mount an exclusive division of the women's clothing brand."Oassian has a sophisticated aesthetic and the imprint of This Week is closely related to Jean, so it was convenient to mark the differences".

This year, the firm put into practice a brand strategy, related to the “return to the origins”, which can already be seen in the premises of This Week in Mendoza and Palermo, and which hopes to transfer it to the 16 points of sale of the country.“The brand changed, aggiorn and became more minimalist.We want to show the solidity of the image, represented in the materiality we choose for the architecture and furniture of the premises, ”defines Mori.

While the “refresh” of the shopping premises walk of the century marks the initial kick to the renewal of the brand in Rosario, the great movement of the group, will be in November when This Week concretizes the remodeling of the store in Alto Rosario.