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The vertical steam plates with which you will save time and effort

The vertical steam plates with which you will save time and effort


In recent years, technology has become a crucial part of your day to day.Both in the world of beauty and health - through the most advanced tools to take care of you at home - and in what to telework, do sports or shorten distances.But there is another area in which technological advances have also made your life easier: home tasks.

Thus, in addition to the vacuum robots that allow you.A very comfortable use device that shortens times and is perfect to use with the most delicate garments.

What vertical iron is the best?

Depending on your needs or preferences, there are different plates that we could place among the most recommended.If you are looking for maximum effectiveness, you have space at home and you don't care that the iron occupies more space, then the Rowenta ironing center is perfect for you, while if you want a portable model or a cheaper option, Philips and Korey haveVery good alternatives.Our top 6 is as follows:

Characteristics analyzed in each of the models:

We compare the best vertical steam plates

The best valued vertical plate on Amazon: Philips Series 3000 STH 3020

Comprar por (54,99) 39,99€

With a total of 4.3 stars over 5 and the explicit recommendation of Amazon, this vertical plate is one of the favorite user options.Among its strengths include its compact design and its lightness, which makes it a very comfortable tool to use and save, even to take travel, and the speed with which it is heated: in just 30 seconds it will be ready to use to use.On its operation, note that it is capable of producing continuous steam at a speed of 20g/min.Characteristics that make it the ideal option to make small touch -ups in your clothes, either at home or travel.

In fact, users who have tried it stand out that they eliminate wrinkles perfectly and recommend it to eliminate folds that are formed when you keep the garments in the closet.

Pros: is very light and compact, so it is very comfortable to use and save


The best option in quality-price: vertical steam iron from homeasy

Comprar por (44,99) 42,99€

With a 280 milliliter tank and a power of 1.500 W, this vertical steam iron is one of the best in terms of its value for money.A model that offers very good power and a quite considerable capacity if we take into account its size.Thus, in addition to heating in just 25 seconds and allowing continuous ironing of up to 15 minutes without filling the tank, its steam flow (25g/min) allows you to even eliminate the most marked wrinkles.It is also worth highlighting its ceramic head, specially designed to distribute the heat evenly, get the ideal temperature to leave your intact garments and, in addition, take care of them.In fact, this model is suitable for delicate garments and you can also use it to iron curtains, carpets and even sofa fabrics.

As a strong point, the temperature reached by steam (110ºC) eliminates up to 99% of bacteria and mites.And, to finish off, it goes out automatically when the tank is emptied or in case of overheating, it has a 2.4 -meter cable that will add comfort and size will allow you to take it on a trip without problems.

Las planchas verticales de vapor con las que ahorrarás tiempo y esfuerzo

PROS: It has very good power compared to its size and also works as a purifier of your clothes, since it eliminates bacteria and mites

Cons: bulging too much to take travel and maybe it is not so comfortable to drive

The most powerful: High -power vertical ironing center Taylor Swoden Mint

Buy for € 105.99

In a similar line we find the Taylor Swoden ironing center, with the highest power and a deposit wide enough to offer you an autonomy of one hour.It also has 6 different steam emission functions, to adapt to all types of tissues and textiles, and includes two folding support bars and a removable ironing table for those who prefer to use it horizontally.

The heating time does not exceed 60 seconds, it is automatically disconnected when reaching 145 degrees, if the tank is emptied or if there is any problem with the fuses.But also, it includes several very practical accessories: a brush to remove dust and dirt, a thermal glove to avoid burns and a clamp to make the pants line.

Pros: adapts to the different textiles to get the best result and heat up very quickly

Cons: you need enough space to save it

La mejor plancha vertical de viaje: Philips GC365/80 Steam & Go Plus

Buy for € 98.24

Like Rowenta, Philips is another of the star brands as far as the manufacture of vertical plates is concerned.That is why I could not miss within our selection. Más concretamente, su modelo GC365/80 Steam & Go Plus, un aparato compacto y muy fácil de usar que te permitirá planchar toda tu ropa con la mayor eficacia.One of its strengths is its smartflow heating plate, which will allow you to iron both vertically and horizontally.Of course, you won't need to wear a ironing table, but place clothes on any smooth surface.It also eliminates bad odors, as well as 99.99% of the bacteria present in the tissues, both of your garments and house textiles, and includes a storage bag where you can save it or use it to take on your trips.

PROS: You can use it to iron both vertically and horizontally and eliminates bad odors

Cons: has some less power than ironing centers

The affordable alternative: Korey's vertical plate

Buy for € 38.99

Korey's iron is suitable for use all types of fabrics, even the most delicate, thanks to its stainless steel plate that will protect all your garments.But in addition, the water vapor emitting sterilizes and disinfects, so you can use it to clean the sofa, cushions or blankets.With very good power and a tank of 280 milliliters, in just 20 seconds it reaches the ideal temperature to iron all your garments.And, if you pass more than 8 minutes without using it or the water ends, it will automatically turn off to avoid accidents.But in addition, it is a very compact and perfect model to travel, although you will need to connect it to a power outlet.

Pros: its price is very affordable

Cons: has a lower power and efficacy than other more expensive models

What is a vertical plate?

Like traditional models, vertical plates smoothed clothes and different home textiles through the emission of water vapor at high temperatures.These are lighter and comfortable devices to use that, in addition, allow to eliminate odors or clean curtains and delicate garments, which you can iron 'vertically' directly hung from a hanger -hence its name -.They do not require, therefore, of ironing table.

What types of vertical plates exist?

Why use a vertical plate?

Although the decision to use a traditional plate or a vertical model depends a lot on each one, the truth is that the latter have many advantages.In the first place they are much more comfortable to use, since you do not need a ironing table and you can straight the garments diréctorly on the hanger, without juggling so as not to leave a wrinkle.But in addition, they get hot faster, you don't have to bend down for what they avoid back pain and are even suitable for working on the most delicate garments, including silk.And, if you opt for a travel model, you won't have to worry about your clothes wrinkles.

How to choose a vertical plate?

When choosing the ideal model there is a wide variety of factors to take into account, although the most important thing is to find one that fits your specific needs.There is, therefore, a universal manual that gives you the keys to choose.However, there are several points that you can take into account:

  1. La presión: si quieres usarla para tejidos gruesos y resistentes necesitarás que la plancha tenga una presión elevada, mientras que si necesitas un modelo para tejidos delicados, ésta debe ser baja para evitar daños en las prendas. ¿La mejor opción? Una plancha que te permita regular la intensidad del vapor.
  2. La potencia: los modelos de 1.500 W son los más recomendados para un planchado mucho más rápido y efectivo.
  3. Condensación: aunque generalmente son algo más caras, las planchas con sistema sin condensación merecen mucho la pena, ya que evitarán que caigan gotas de agua sobre la ropa y conseguirán que el planchado sea mucho más cómodo, seguro y efectivo.
  4. Su sistema de seguridad: tanto si tienes niños como si no, te recomendamos buscar un modelo con apagado automático y bloqueo de seguridad, para evitar accidentes indeseados.
  5. El soporte y los accesorios: si estás buscando una plancha para usar en casa, los modelos verticales con soporte son mucho más cómodos y prácticos, ya que te permiten colgar y sujetar las prendas. Del mismo modo, existen varios accesorios que te pueden ser de gran ayuda para conseguir mejores resultados. Sin embargo, si buscas un modelo básico o portátil, preferirás que sea ligero y compacto.
  6. El precio: ¿cuál es la diferencia entre los modelos más caros y los más asequibles? Si buscas una plancha para utilizar puntualmente, puedes hacerte con una más barata pero, si lo que buscas es un aparato para usar muy a menudo sobre todo tipo de prendas, te recomendamos invertir algo más de dinero. A largo plazo merecerá la pena.

How to clean a vertical plate correctly?

For your iron to endure in perfect condition, it is important that you follow a series of recommendations for its maintenance.With respect to cleaning, it is recommended.Once the tank has emptied, you can use a cloth to clean the remains that could have been.Another important step, especially to clean the steam exit holes, is to moisten some bastions for the ears in water and clean the remains of lime or dirt that have remained.

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