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Pandemia has been positive for digitalization

Pandemia has been positive for digitalization


The Avilés Chamber of Commerce yesterday hosted a talk about 'branding' and brand positioning by Inés Iglesias, co -founder of the study 'Los Patos' in which he advises different brands.

-What consists of 'branding'?.

-It's a process in which you give vision to a brand, but it is not a tangible thing, because each one has its process.It is a development that has many visual elements and a lot of strategy, as well as a very important basis for values.

-Ayer gave a talk precisely from 'branding' and brand positioning on social networks.How important are these issues when promoting a brand?

-Cutually if you are not in the networks we could say that you do not exist.I have explained this importance through the example of a clothing brand that was born on Instagram, so the importance of these networks and the vision in them can be clear, brands must be closer and must humanize it to the maximum because that is what is goingto get customers to hook.

-Then do you think social networks will dethrone official web pages or physical premises?

«La pandemia ha sido positiva para la digitalización»

-No, I think they will complement each other.The same is not sought on social networks as on a web page.To give an example, the same first you are looking for if you have a product in an Instagram story and then you go directly to the website, I think everything is combined.

- How do you think the pandemic has affected how to sell and consume?

- It has been a total adaptation at the digitalization level, many brands had no online platforms and now.I think that in that aspect it has been something positive.

-What advice would you give to those Avilesinos entrepreneurs who want to enter the creation of a new brand?

-The main thing is that if you want to do something, although they already exist, they have to be innovative.They must, to put it in some way, create a need in the client, see why their project is special and why it is necessary.They must sit down to think what added value and how to highlight that.It is not just the product, but also the emotions that it creates in the receiver.You have to be clear where to throw, the clearer you have, the easier it is to get to it.

-What is the study of the ducks?What is this project about?

-Somos a communication and content agency.We help in the 'branding' and in the identity of companies, in addition the study has an independent art gallery.We carry out 360 degree visual content, directing everything that can use images.

-Do you organize all the work?

-The founders are Matteo Mastronardi and I, but we help each other of punctual people for each project that can understand more of this area.

-From 2009 they have their study in Paris, but you have decided to open another in our town.Why did they opt for the Avilesina Villa?

-We always loved Asturias.We wanted to approach the sea without losing sight of the city and this place was perfect.After the relaxation of the restrictions we have already been able to work more time here, before we did it at a distance.

-What kind of brands have you worked?

-We have worked, among others, with companies such as Yves Rocher or with Vogue illustrations.We have private clients, people who create their own business and multinationals, but the process at 'branding' is the same for everyone.