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The new professional image after the return to work |The printing press

The new professional image after the return to work |The printing press

Regardless of whether they are men or women, young or old, every morning they get up and stand in front of the mirror asking themselves a question: What do I wear today to go to work in the context of the "new normal"?

Indeed, after resuming economic activity, it becomes pertinent to renew the way in which the professional wardrobe is used to project a new professional image because the way of communicating and doing things has changed radically after the confinement due to the coronavirus crisis. This social change is manifested in the hundreds of "memes" or modern caricatures, showing people's anxiety because they have forgotten how to button shirts and dresses or how to use pants zippers; or the question arises as to whether closed shoes were ever used to go to the office that were not sports shoes or sandals (if they did not wear bare feet), which they wore for six months in front of the zoom of the meetings held from home throughout the confinement due to the pandemic.

You can take the advice of the English designer Stella McCartney to make decisions when choosing fashion garments that help renew your professional image, knowing the positive impact on the planet of practicing a new way of consuming clothes, since that scientific data reveals an improvement in the quality of the environment by lowering the exaggerated consumption of clothing, since the textile industry is one of the most polluting. (https://www.bbc.com/mundo/noticias-48722931

Stella MacCartey proposes: 1. Take responsibility for your own actions. The power of the conscious consumer will push clothing brands, whether luxury or mass, to deepen their commitment beyond what they design and sell, encompassing the impact that the product in question may have on the ecology.

The new professional image after returning to work | La Prensa Gráfica

2. Know how to find solutions. Both companies and suppliers and customers can join to find solutions on the origin of materials to recycle or use circular economy. For example, Stella's brand only uses faux fur which allows it to be sustainable.

3. Avoid buying from those who only do it to get in the photo. And they are not convinced of the style of running their production in an environmentally friendly way.

4. Become consumers of clothing brands who choose those who have policies for the entire industry. This is because the fashion industry has practically none of that. "It should be like it is done with food, where there is a label that explains the nutritional values ​​of each thing." (Stella Mc).

5. That the mitigation of environmental impact become normative. In many fashion companies, more than 60% of the positive impact that is generated is related to how the materials and fabrics are obtained: regenerative agriculture and how the cotton is made (ecologically and sustainably grown to lower CO2 emissions). trapped in the ground). If we grow cotton the wrong way, it will eventually be released into the atmosphere.

6. Be optimistic and believe in the future. To do something, you first have to believe it is possible and make it a lifestyle.

7. Every person has an important role. Clothing customers in particular are already asking questions before buying about how garments are made. This trend is already unstoppable.

8. Sustainability is not incompatible with style. The mission of each individual has changed after the global health crisis: it became clear that the sustainability of life involves taking care of how it is produced, so that it later becomes an attractive object for its style, for being spectacular in itself and for making feel special to who wears it.



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