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The countdown for the summer, the novel by neighboring blonde that has become Amazon's best -selling book

The countdown for the summer, the novel by neighboring blonde that has become Amazon's best -selling book

Sara Flamenco

Amazon's best -selling book was not written.Amazon's best -selling book is, nothing more and nothing less, than from neighboring blond.

This girl (because we assume it is) has achieved 2.800.000 followers on Instagram without teaching his face, thanks to his sharp humor, his ingenuity and his collection of catchy phrases.But just as we tell you that it has numerous followers, it has also reaped many detractors that accuse her of not being as ingenious as makes us believe:

Be that as it may, thanks to this account, neighboring blonde has managed to develop parallel projects, such as her book to learn English called Rubias (which do not have silly hair);her reading club with Brilli Brilli, which coordinates herself;his clothing and footwear line next to the Bimani brand;his pajamas with Women Secret;or your collaboration with social causes such as hair donation to make wigs for women with cancer (donating pelazo is beautiful).And now he has embarked on a new project, his first novel, which has just been for sale for 10 days and has already positioned himself as Amazon's best selling: the countdown for the summer.

In this book, neighboring blonde tells one of the crucial moments in her life: the passage of adolescence to maturity.Under the subtitle, life is memories and mine have a person's name, anonymous influencer intertwines a set of stories giving special weight to the people who were, continue to be and will be present in their life.«Lauri, the first and most responsible friend of childhood and Nacho, my first love of adolescence.The moody and always sincere Lucía, the calm Sara and the sarcastic poly.Also Álex, the one who always returns, and the only woman capable of whispering screaming, Laura.And of course, my father, in capital letters, ”explains the neighbor about the people of her life.

La cuenta atrás para el verano, la novela de La Vecina Rubia que se ha convertido en el libro más vendido de Amazon

«The countdown for the summer intertwines in time the life of a blonde, who is me, and that of people who have meant the most useful learning than treasure, because deep down, to meet the most important people of your lifeis to meet yourself.Own names that helped me to make the leap from adolescence to maturity, disheveled on the way El Pelazo, but building a brain underneath, ”she explains about her novel.It could be said that this book is autobiographical but harvested with a pinch of fiction: «This novel is based on real illusions that I have sometimes invented.Recognize what is something that will be within each of us ».

In the same way that we continue with curiosity the avatars of the destination that led him to establish a half real fictitious relationship with Jon Korjerena (and to cut it after an unfortunate incident of the model with a Glovo distributor) and now with Miguel Ángel Silvestre, we invite youTo read your first novel, written with the same freshness as your posts on social networks.But, if you do, don't tell the end.

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