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The best FFP2 masks packs to be protected without spending more

The best FFP2 masks packs to be protected without spending more

When we are just a couple of months after turning two years since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, it seems almost impossible to remember those times when there was no need to take a mask for everything: go out, go to work, leaveTo eat or dinner, make the purchase, go to the hairdresser, see the family and friends ...

Although, for many, they are a very uncomfortable element, in all this time it has been shown that this type of protection is our only reliable way to stop the infections and expand the time it takes to be transmitted by aerosols if we are in contact in some positive withoutknow.

What kind of masks are the safest and why?

Within the world masks, which stand out for guarantees of protection and effectiveness to keep COVID-19 at the environment.As is known, it is not only that the virus cannot enter, but also allows it to leave if who is infected are us.

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el comprador

This discardable FFP2 masks pack, with up to 8 hours of use per unit, has a 95% minimal filtration efficacy, 8% escape to the outside and offers protection against non -toxic and fibrogenic waste.

Making us with this cash format, perfect if we telework and do not need protection every day, each unit will cost us about 1 euro.

comprar en amazon por 9,99€

Pack of 25 Diserable FFP masks Paula Alonso

This 25 -units kit, also available in 50 units format and in other colors such as blue, gray, black and pink for a higher level of versatility, consists of 5 layers of protection with interleaved filters.

Los mejores packs de mascarillas FFP2 para estar protegidos sin gastar de más

Whenever we use them correctly once and then we discard it and change it, these masks will guarantee a filtration capacity of more than 95%.

comprar en amazon por 19,95€

80 FFP2 disposable tboc masks pack

If we need to wear masks very frequently and we also want to carry some extras above well protected with individual plastics, our pack is that of the TBOC brand.

The 80 disposable units of only one use have 5 layers, breathable, are 100% approved and are very comfortable, and easy to place.In addition, thanks to their elastic strips, they adapt to everyone.

Each unit is just over 37 cents with this format.

comprar en amazon por 29,92€

From the same brand and with the same characteristics we can find a pack that comes with 100 units with individual wrappers to preserve them better.The unit comes out to about 43 cents.

comprar en amazon por 43,99€

Color or print FFP2 packs:

Pack 12 FFP2 masks of Colors and Flamebrothers Prints

If we prefer to cheer up our routine and combine the masks with our favorite styles or take them from our favorite color, a pack like this will come to us wonderfully.

The 12 units that it brings, with individual wrappers, are 3 fuchsias, 3 red, 3 celestial and three camouflage print in blue tones.The cost per unit is about 83 cents.

comprar en amazon por 9,90€

30 FFP2 masks pack with camouflage print in various kkmier colors

If we want the mask to be one more complement and that ours high.

To guarantee up to 95% effectiveness against external agents such as viruses and a maximum of 8% escape to the outside, this type of masks have 5 layers of thermaling polyester, among which the filters are interspersed.In addition, to be able to adjust them well, they have a hidden wire in the upper nose zone.

comprar en amazon por 29,99€

Pack of 30 mascales ffp2 approved of various colors Milarosa

Those who want to use different colors every day, will find a good option in a pack of 30 units like this, in which 12 -colored masks come: fuchsia, purple, pink, turquoise, yellow, beige, green, green, gray, dark blue, garnet, black and white.

In addition to the pack that this mix brings, we can choose the 30 -color box.This option is available in the same 12 colors.The price for each unit is about 87 cents.

comprar en amazon por 25,95€

50 pink or blue ff2 or blue packages by Paula Alonso

If we are very clear about the color we prefer to always carry, we can choose a smooth model like this, which comes in a single color of 50 units (or 25, if we prefer to be less).

Like the white model of the same brand, these masks, which come in individual wrappers, have a filtration capacity of more than 95%.The unit comes out for about 80 cents.

comprar en amazon por 39,95€

Pack of 10 FFP2 masks Airnatech garnet

Also of a single color and Spanish production are the packs of 10 FFP2 masks of a single use of airnatech, available in garnet, green, blue, yellow, red and many other interesting colors.

Each of these 10 masks, which comes in an individual plastic envelope, has a 5 -layer filtering system, offering optimal protection against 95% of all suspended particles

comprar en amazon por 7,98€

Pack of 20 FFP2 colored and print masks

Finally, another pack combined with very lively colors and prints to fill our styles with joy is this of 20 units.

In addition to the 5 -layer FFP2 masks themselves, which come in perfectly sealed individual envelopes, it brings a gift portama box.

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