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The best chollos with which Aliexpress lands in this Black Friday 2021

The best chollos with which Aliexpress lands in this Black Friday 2021

The Recognizer

During this week we can find discounts of up to 80% in Aliexpress

Black Friday 2021 |The best and last offers in El Corte Inglés, Amazon, Zara, Aliexpress...

If during the 11.11 We were able to live an authentic wave of offers with discounts of up to 80% in thousands of products, this week they have decided to put all the meat on the grill with the best Black friday 2021 chollos of Aliexpress.From mobile phones, electronic products or personal care articles, we can take advantage of extra promotions thanks to discount coupons.

From 9h AM (Spain time) on Thursday, November 25, you can get these and many more products on offer in Aliexpress, although we recommend you add your favorites to the basket so as not to run out of your gifts.Let's see some of the most prominent chollos.

The readers of Mundo Deportivo are lucky as you can enjoy extra discount coupons like the following:

Google Nest Mini + Chromecast 3

The perfect combination to digitize some habits in your home.In this pack we can find the intelligent Google Nest Mini speaker and the Chromecast 3 to turn your traditional TV on a smart TV.Although separately they are large devices that you will surely give you a lot of use in your home, together they are unstoppable.

You can use the voice wizard of the Google Nest Mini to read the news, make a call or to order the Chromecast 3 to look for in Netflix the movie you were wishing wishing.Nest Mini's sound quality has been improved so that we can appreciate better clarity in acute and voices, so it is ideal for listening to music at home.

If your TV has a HDMI connection you can use your mobile and your TV to send content and see it on your favorite platforms.It is compatible with iphone, iPad, telephones and tablets Android, Mac portables and Windows, and Chromebooks.

Although its usual price in Aliexpress is € 55, you can get the pack for € 40 with the BFNEST2 code.

consíguelo por 15,80€

Robot Xiaomi Mijia V1

Los mejores chollos con los que AliExpress aterriza en este Black Friday 2021

Do you know that you can use Google assistant to activate this Xiaomi vacuum robot and leave your perfect soils?Mijia V1 has been manufactured with an intelligent planning and mapping system with which you can save a lot of time in cleaning your home.Through the app you can control everything that this vacuum robot can do for you.

It has a load base that will go automatically when it is running out of battery to resume it where it left it when it recharge.Its cleaning mode is making "S" -shaped routes to make sure everything is clean and includes a cleaning object detection sensor to prepare its route.The best is your battery of up to 2.5 hours with which you will endure even if you have several floors.

Its usual price usually is around € 200 but with the SDMI39 code you can get it at the best price.

consíguelo por 155€

Little X3 Pro (6+128GB)

To enjoy high speed both in your games and when seeing streaming content, this little X3 Pro has all the necessary features for a better experience.You can squeeze all the performance of your Snapdragon 860 Octa Core on the large 6.67 "FHD 120 Hz chip.

Another advantages of this smartphone is its 5160 mAh battery with which you can spend up to 18 hours watching videos or 10 hours playing without stopping.Of course, get 100% load in just 33 minutes connected.As you can see, a great device whose usual price is € 261.25 and that you can get for much less with the BFPOCO5 code59.

consíguelo por 199€

Fryer without Cecofry compact oil

Small appliances have also left this Black Friday 2021 with good discounts for your kitchen.If you want to cook healthier, with little effort but without giving up the flavor and texture of the fried, then you have to try this fryer without Cecofry oil.You have two sizes available, 1.5 and 3 liters, depending on those at home.

In the front you will find two roulettes in which to adjust the time and temperature, so that you only have to introduce the food in the basket and program it so that they are ready in a short time.The results are very good, with textures similar to fried or baked but with less calories and greater energy savings.If you think that fried potatoes have not left as you like, you can always spend more time and put the basket in the dishwasher.

Its usual price is more than € 70 in Aliexpress but you can get it for less than € 37.90 with the SDCecotec10 code during the Black Friday 2021.

Braun Silk-Expert Pro

It is clear that laser hair removal is the best option for those who seek to stop hair growth without hurting the skin.Especially since it is a little abrasive method that we make every so often and that gives us greater results than traditional hair removal.This Braun's iPl cap has everything you need to reduce growth progressively and get a hair without hair for the summer that comes.

It has 10 intensity levels to increase according to your skin type.In addition, with Sensootapt technology with UV protection you will keep your skin protected so that it does not suffer collateral damage.It is perfect for men and women who do not want to spend more money on expensive hair removal and want to get a body if hair from home.

The best thing is that it has up to 400 thousand shots, which is equivalent to more than 15 years of laser.Its usual price is € 429 since it is one of the most premium models of Braun brand, but you can get it for much less with the bfbraun35 code.

consíguela por 239,56€

Remember that the offers will be active from Thursday 25 to 9h AM but you can add to the basket the articles that interest you most so as not to run out of them.

* Prices updated at the publication date.

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