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"I have your order baby": They open a Shein store in a small town in Oaxaca

"I have your order baby": They open a Shein store in a small town in Oaxaca

During much of the pandemic, places and physical stores were forced to close their doors due to health restrictions, leaving their regular buyers in search of alternatives to purchase various products.

At the same time, ingenuity was present on the part of the merchants and sellers, who managed to gain ground against the big businesses and managed to become a phenomenon in networks. For this reason, the discovery of the facade of a boutique on TikTok went viral because it merges 2 of the most relevant internet phenomena of recent months: the Shein stores and the nenis.

Next in De Última we tell you about this peculiar "new Shein store" in a small town in Oaxaca.

The girls took over internet sales

As a result of the closures due to the health contingency, hundreds of people lost their jobs and had to look for options to earn an income. Thus, derived from these two situations, it was how internet sales managed to take off through different platforms that adapted to the so-called new normality to survive in the market.

In this way, the term neni began to become popular, used to refer to those who are dedicated to selling various products ranging from clothing, makeup, flower arrangements, household items, shoes and an infinity of other merchandise, offering them mainly through social networks. They were given this name because one of the main characteristics of the girls is their treatment of customers, always friendly and referring to them with friendly terms that make them trust.

The nenis are generally women of all ages, who support their studies or homes with the income generated through their sales, in the same way, female consumers predominate and it is common for them to speak to each other with these types of terms.

With the nenis no, they could start paying taxes to the SAT

SHEIN and its infinite possibilities

On the other hand, one of the brands with the greatest growth in terms of popularity during the first months of contingency among consumers was Shein, a virtual fast fashion store where it is possible to find a wide variety of clothing, accessories, footwear, items stationery and home, among others.

Shein offers a relatively simple purchasing dynamic, with the only exception that shipping times are somewhat longer than other stores, since long distances are traveled from its warehouses in China to its destination.

It was here that the girls saw a new business opportunity, placing large orders with the store and selling separately. Offering your customers the possibility of having their items with less waiting time and without the need to buy large quantities or pay for shipping.

Shein's physical store in a small town in Oaxaca drove the networks crazy

Since we put you in the context of both topics, we turn to the images that went viral a few days ago and that involve these two internet phenomena. In a photograph captured by the user @aliolivera_lpz, you can see the facade of a business called "Shein" and next to it, the illustration of a doll with the text "I already have your order, baby."

The owner of the publication added the message "When you thought you saw everything... in the most remote part of the town." The images went around the world in a matter of hours and quickly added a million views and thousands of reactions. The TikTok was filled with comments wishing the owners good luck and applauding creativity to attract more customers to their business.

The exact location of the store is unknown, as well as its interior, so it is not known if it is a store that exclusively sells Shein clothing or if it has a broader offer. The brand has not commented on this either, so it is important to clarify that Shein does not have permanent physical stores, and instead has only installed some Pop Ups to promote its new collections.

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