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Superstition made me think that it was my clothes that made me win

Superstition made me think that it was my clothes that made me win

It has been through the years where the memory of a career has promoted me in my current profession.Today you can see me as a digital editor of a fashion magazine, with skills for design, creative 'things' and the arts, immersed in the computer and the digital world, something that at first glance was very little reflected in me to the 16 years.

At that time my life (my adolescence) was much more focused on sport.I studied, but in my "free times" I lived, breathed and ate during the journeys towards my athletics training.For more than a decade I was known as "La Corredora" for my high school classmates, for their parents, for my parents' colleagues and for everyone who left the newspaper of my city.

The competitions, the trips, the gold medals began to arrive.It sounds easy in this statement, but there were many challenges, support from my family and my coach for this to happen.I started at 11 years to run on a tartan track along with my father and won him in a "little race" in the park.And at age 14 I was already breaking the national record of my category in the National Championship.Of course, it didn't happen overnight, but it still looked like a game.

La superstición me hizo pensar que era mi ropa lo que me hacía ganar

It was between 2004 and 2006 when everything got serious.My workouts were high performance and thus had to be my mentality.I started running in Central American competitions, international competitions, Dual Meet Sports, and attended events with another dozen athletes to visit the President of the Republic in Los Pinos.Awards nominations in my city arrived and even the invitation to be part of the Mexican Athletics National Team.I was relatively ‘small’, but from that moment, instead of thinking about my fifteen -year -old party and the dress, I started thinking about the world championship.

With that clear objective in the mind (and written with pink nail polish in the mirror of my childhood room) I proposed to attend a series of races around Mexico, week after week, it will cost what it cost, to achieve to achieveThe minimum time brand to go to the IAAF World Youth Championships in Athletics in Ostrava, Czech Republic.It was March 2006 and this competition - which would be carried out during July - would be the culmination of the annual athletics season.In your brands, ready! ... Pause, I still have something important to mention them ...