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Metaverso: 3 brands of clothing that already entered and how it impacts the consumer

Metaverso: 3 brands of clothing that already entered and how it impacts the consumer

Since the end of October 2021 the word metaverso is a concept that is not to be cited in various media and conversations.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and Facebook CEO, was in charge of announcing that this social network, along with WhatsApp and Instagram, would join through said virtual ecosystem.

In general terms, metaverso is a network of virtual environments, always active, in which users can interact with each other, as with objects, while participating in different digital environments, through avatars.

Through this environment you can have a much more integrated connectivity and thus have a kind of second life and have immersive experiences in different places, they are physically.

Clothing brands that have ventured into metovers.

Even when Facebook's name change and the concept that is now managed is still complex to understand, the fashion industry has already perceived a potential in it.

And while for some Internet users it is not entirely clear, there are brands from that sector that already had their first incursions into this network of digital environments.

Metaverso: 3 marcas de ropa que ya le entraron y cómo impacta al consumidor

One of them, and apparently the most recent, is Zara, owned by Grupo Inditex, which launched its AZ collection, which will have a replica in metovers..

This is a series of unisex garments, created in conjunction with the South Korean brand Ader Rerror, which you can already find on a platform that allows generating alternate avatars and realities, collection with pieces that reach almost 5 thousand pesos.

Nike is another of the big sports fashion companies that, through Ninkeland, invites users to tell each other and live the experience of being in a virtual world.

Adidas wants his own metoverso and announces Alliance with Coinbase

Within this environment, consumers can find a store in which they can dress their avatars with the last releases in clothing and footwear.

Y una marca más que también ya incursionó en la realidad virtual es H&M que, aliada con el juego de simulación social Animal Crossing, de Nintendo, presentó una colección, además de espacios para que los jugadores reciclen sus prendas, como sucede en sus tiendas físicas.

How does the purchase experience affect?

Now, how does the consumer impact the entry of marks of clothing into metoverso?Before the creation of the term, the retail fashion industry had already resorted to virtual reality, this through the creation of online platforms where customers could try clothes or apply cosmetics with the help of an avatar.

But with the arrival of this environment, consumers may have access to articles that possibly in real life could not.

With the arrival of Metaverso, it is likely that your visits to points of sale will be reduced, since from a mobile device you can have access to what you want.

While this second virtual life becomes something everyday, it will have to be aware of what other clothing brands do within metaverso.