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Mercedes launches a collection of clothes made with its recycled airbags

Mercedes launches a collection of clothes made with its recycled airbags


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Collection of clothing made with Mercedes airbags

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It was in October 1971 when the first airbag patent was performed, something that seems inconceivable not to count on our car today.In 1981, the German brand's class began to have this element and then a great change in motoring came.These two points have been those that have served as inspiration in this collection, as well as sustainability has played a great role, according to Preston:

“Mercedes-Benz and my brand share the common value of reducing our impact on the planet, and that was the starting point of this collaboration.Recycling and sustainability celebration have been my first design approaches since the launch of my collection, ”he says.

Mercedes lanza una colección de ropa hecha con sus airbags reciclados

With all this in mind, the result is what you can see in the images, taken by photographer Thibaut Grevet.In them, cars such as the new s class, their plug -in hybrid variant, the new EQS or the 500 Sel (W126) also charge prominence..

According to Mercedes, the garments used in this photo shoot will be exhibited at Berlin Fashion Week -received from September 6 to 8 -.What if you want to get them?Do not worry, as of September 10 they will be offered on the Goat platform.