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Mapfre launches a new edition of "Kilometers of Trust"

Mapfre launches a new edition of "Kilometers of Trust"

Tras el éxito de la primera edición, MAPFRE y Tangoº vuelven a trabajar de la mano para impulsar la marca hacia el territorio de la salud y el bienestar con el lanzamiento de "Kilómetros de Confianza". Se trata de una campaña integral, que cuenta, en esta ocasión, con cuatro coaches expertos en distintas áreas (running, fuerza, nutrición y motivación). Un reto, único, abierto a todos los públicos, disponible en la plataforma www.kmdeconfianza.com. La apertura del casting para localizar a siete personas anónimas que, independientemente de su condición física y personal, quieran desafiarse a sí mismas, durará hasta el 11 de febrero, fecha en la que se cerrará el casting. Como broche final para los protagonistas, MAPFRE los llevará a la maratón de Lisboa, donde cada uno de ellos cruzará la meta que hayan escogido, 8,5Km, 21Km o la maratón.MAPFRE lanza una nueva edición de MAPFRE lanza una nueva edición de

The seven chosen ones will have the opportunity to receive, for eight months, personalized advice of the technical team of trusted kilometers.Pablo Lucero (Head Coach), coach, founder of BCN-Madrid and technician of the Spanish Triathlon team, Judit Abarca (Mobility and Strength Coach), former attachment, trainer and coach, Martina Rebull (nutritionist), dietitian and nutrition expertDeportiva, and Germán Madrazo (motivational coach), which starred one of the most emotional moments of the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Games.“He learned to ski with 42 years and in just 13 months, he crossed the goal of one of the hardest tests of the competition.The last one arrived, but was received between applause and uploaded in volandas by his teammates in recognition of his effort.The picture went around the world.It is an example of strength, and overcoming, which shows that all dreams are possible.In Mapfre we want to make everyone necessary to reach their goals.Kilometers of trust is part of this effort, ”confirms Jaime Valverde, corporate director of Social Networks and Digital Content of Mapfre.

MAPFRE lanza una nueva edición de

Social networks and new collaborators

The #KMDeconfianzamapfre campaign will have an important presence in social networks, with new profiles on Instagram and Twitter, as well as its own KMDeconfianza app, prepared and designed with Runnea Academy.In it users can make their training plans based on their conditions, needs and objectives.

In addition, this campaign will have two important sports collaborators.On the one hand, the Asics clothing brand, which will be in charge of dressing the protagonists and coaches of this edition.And the other collaborator will be Garmin, a brand recognized for his innovative sports devices, key piece for training plans.

Both brands, in addition to accompanying the protagonists during the training months, will also overcome materials through the app.Users who meet the objectives set in the challenges can get t -shirts, shoes and many more awards.