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Maddy Perez, from 'Euphoria', shows a black minidress with a Mexican stamp

Maddy Perez, from 'Euphoria', shows a black minidress with a Mexican stamp

Fashion To promote the second season of the television series, the actress, Alexa Demie, chose a black minidress made by a Mexican designer.

By Cecilia Suárez Olvera

With an episode of 'Euphoria' already available on the HBO Max platform, and seven more to come, the series has generated great anticipation. And so with the new episodes also come inspiring looks from our favorite teens. One of them was worn by the confident and combative, Maddy Perez, who donned a black minidress to promote the second season.

American actress Alexa Demie, interpreter of the character, donned an Akna design. This is the firm created by the Yucatecan designer Aidan Euan, who with his creations has obsessed celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. The name of its brand pays tribute to the Mayan Goddess of fertility, and is inspired by the Latina woman. In case you were wondering, the garment worn by the Maddy Perez interpreter is available for sale.

Maddy Pérez wore a dress with a Mexican stamp

In one of the images from the second season of 'Euphoria', Alexa Demie wore the 'Damien Black Mini Dress' model under the gaze of the designer wardrobe, Heidi Bivens. It was a black mini-dress with a high neck and asymmetrical cuts at the neckline and at the back, which was tight to the body. As a complement, she wore a pair of long black gloves.

Maddy Perez of 'Euphoria', shows off a black minidress with a Mexican stamp

She added the finishing touches with Amina Muaddi heeled gladiator sandals, a model that was studded with crystals. Appealing to nostalgia for the 90s and 2000s, so present in the world of fashion today, she chose to set the accent on a marked eyeliner, brown-toned lipstick and her smooth hair, with a lot of body at the back. . She also wore a necklace with her name on it.

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By Luz García

Anticipating the trends we saw for the spring-summer 2022 collections, the American actress opted for a design with side cutouts, a captivating detail that brings hints of sensuality and vigor. Proenza Schouler, Michael Kors, Emilio Pucci and Elie Saab are some of the firms that replicate them, in different finishes and textures for all kinds of occasions.