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III Relational Marketing Study conducted by Mediapost

III Relational Marketing Study conducted by Mediapost

It is no secret that relationships between large -consumption brands and consumers are no longer what they were.Years ago, gaining customer loyalty was easier, mainly due to lack of competition, and the absence, by the consumer, the need to change the brand.However, COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a natural process that has not only added more competition, but has also made the middle client a more demanding consumer.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for many customers who were previously faithful to a brand now maintain a ‘polyamor’ relationship with several brands when we talk about a product.That is, it is at the time of purchase when, depending on the offer or promotion, the consumer decides what to buy.This context makes it more necessary than ever trying as much as possible to find new client loyalty formulas and strategies.

But what is the best way to get it?Before establishing a path, it is necessary to know what motivates customers to keep a brand and dismiss what the rest can offer.The answer is simpler than it seems.According to the III Relational Marketing Study carried out by Mediapost, in collaboration with the Spain Marketing Association, almost eight out of 10 Spaniards affirm that the good relationship between quality and price is what makes them stay faithful to a brand, while the60% highlight that a better price would be the reason that would make them choose another option.

Reduce prices, a priori, seems to be the fastest path, not only to loyalty to existing customers, but to attract new.However, this option is not the most viable for all brands of great consumption, so it is necessary.Not surprisingly, more than half of Spanish consumers (53%) would cease to be faithful to a brand if they found another with attractive promotions and offers.

III Estudio de Marketing Relacional realizado por Mediapost

In this sense, to build original promotional mechanics and that, truly attract consumers, it is vital to know and approach the consumer.Direct to Consumer strategies are especially good to achieve very useful first party to obtain information about the needs and tastes of customers and, in addition, they are also a great method to connect with them.Proof of this is that, according to the Mediapost study, 39% of respondents ensure that it yields their personal data when they choose to participate in a contest or receive discounts;While 35% do it when you can make your usual purchases more comfortably and quickly or to receive personalized promotions at your purchases (31%).

And if good offers or promotions can make a consumer decant.Such is thus, that more than 30% of customers acknowledges acquiring competition products due to dissatisfaction or recommendation of friends or family.That is, it is necessary to ensure that the product or service is good, and also encourage customers to spread their good opinions to attract potential customers towards the brand.

In short, the relationships with the consumer has changed a lot in a very short time.The time when customers were faithful to a single brand is already a thing of the past, and now the efforts focus on maintaining and increasing a percentage of those faithful consumers.However, there is an idea that has not changed, and that has been reinforced due to the effect of the pandemic: if you want to loyalty to a client, you must first know him.