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How to start a successful sideline job without leaving your job, according to a worker who achieved 6-figure sales with her freelance second job

How to start a successful sideline job without leaving your job, according to a worker who achieved 6-figure sales with her freelance second job

Having a second job can be an effective way to increase your income. Also to be able to give wings to what you really like, if you feel trapped in a job that you hate.

But, of course, getting it up and running sounds complicated, since you will have to add all the extra hours you want to dedicate to this second activity to your full day.

However, before you give up, know that in some cases it leads to a success story.

As is Jennifer Shealey's. 7 years ago, she had 2 jobs and yet she decided to sign up for Fiverr, a platform for freelancers, to offer digital marketing services. Which changed his life.

"I was basically making more from Fiverr than I was making from those two jobs combined," Shealey explained to CNBC Make It.

Since he started on said platform, this parallel activity has brought him sales of more than $366,000.

Shealey has explained to this medium the key aspects that he has learned on this path about how to get a new work activity off the ground while combining it with a full-time job.

Find out what you really love to do


If you are going to add more work to an already 8-hour day, you better like what you are going to do. If you can't it will be overwhelming.

How to start a successful sideline without quitting your job, according to a worker who achieved 6-figure sales with her freelance second job

Thus, the first thing Shealey recommends on CNBC is to "stand up despite what you're passionate about."

Once you have found what stimulates, enchants and motivates you, then "just start", without thinking too much about it.

"I think that's what trips people up, especially since we're constantly on social media and looking for this perfection and you don't need perfection. You just need heart and a vision," she says.

To start creating your client portfolio, consider opening a profile on a platform for freelancers

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One of the most difficult things in starting a business is finding the first customers.

To make this easier, the expert recommends considering using a platform for freelancers or freelancers, where you can connect with people who may need your services.

This way you can start to develop your brand little by little and make it gain relevance and success.

It was Shealey's way of getting her work as a digital marketer off the ground.

Set a schedule for your secondary activity and stick to it

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Time is something that is rarely left over. But much less when you try to start a new work activity and also combine it with another job.

In order not to feel totally overwhelmed and to be able to manage everything properly, Shealey also recommends setting a time for this second activity, and sticking to it, of course.

Doing so, even when it meant sacrificing her leisure time, led the entrepreneur not to give up and to get her idea off the ground.

I used "all the extra free time I had. I sacrificed not to go to parties and said no to a lot of things because I really wanted to focus on Fiverr."

Start by being flexible with rates

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Collecting your first jobs after starting a new business is undoubtedly a satisfaction. But, issuing your invoices and, above all, marking your rates can be somewhat complex at the beginning.

On the latter, Shealey advises being a little flexible with prices at first, then increasing them as your business grows.

She confesses that when she started her fee to design ads on Facebook was $5.

“Some people might find it silly to start off, like, 'Why would you do that?' Well, sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get your name out there,” she asserts.

Over time, he progressively raised his prices, until they were between the $20 and $125 he charges today. To that he added a good dose of patience.

“I didn't see a great performance in the first 3 years and I was busy working other part-time jobs. But, I just didn't get discouraged.” And now he's managed to make 6-figure sales with the job he started as a sideline.