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Five websites, approved by brands, in which to buy second -hand luxury

Five websites, approved by brands, in which to buy second -hand luxury

Not even the pandemic can with the fever for second -hand garments.A trend that has jumped from the markets to digital platforms and to which the world of luxury has also been pointed out.In fact, although at first the brands looked suspiciously this type of transactions, more and more are those that have their own resale platforms or directly support companies that are dedicated to it.

“Luxury brands are seeing it as an opportunity, not as an enemy.These platforms are making them reach a new and very different audience, ”says Isem Fashion Business School María Martín-Montalvo.Through this type of sales, high -end firms introduce terms such as circular economy and sustainability, which helps them connect with younger consumers.In addition, the expert considers that, far from dirtying her image, the second hand reinforces the idea of quality."I do not consider that they are competition.Is to open more doors to the brand recognition.One way to demonstrate that products are durable and that can also be bought first hand.Luxury is so good that it lasts and can continue to sell ”, continues.

This is also seen by Esic Gabriela Salinas, who believes that the new generations have contributed to eliminating the stigma that the second hand had.He also comments that this form of purchase is also an opportunity to get vintage editions or products that are no longer in the traditional market: "Many people seek collectibles, exhausted collaborations or limited editions".A trend in which, as in so many others, technology is an indispensable tool, especially for signatures to decide to collaborate.First, because, when done through digital platforms, it allows brands to obtain a lot of information about consumer profile, and second, because technology such as blockchain can help guarantee the authenticity of products."Brands are interested in controlling the entire product life cycle to continue in the fight against falsifications," adds Salinas.

Cinco webs, aprobadas por las marcas, en las que comprar lujo de segunda mano

First of all, guarantees are the key.The appearance of platforms that transmit confidence and security is one of the reasons why this industry is growing at high speed, says Esic spokeswoman."They allow a greater selection of what is going to be sold and what no," he supports.These are some of these companies in which to find second -hand luxury: