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"El DON" the Argentine clothing brand will sponsor Rauw Alejandro

"El DON" the Argentine clothing brand will sponsor Rauw Alejandro

"El DON" is a clothing brand created by three young brothers and designed for young people. "We work every day to provide the latest fashion products, with the highest quality," Brandon Sabah, one of the entrepreneurs, told SUMMARY.

"We make garments for every moment: a casual outing with friends, one of those unforgettable nights, or even for a business day," explained Sabah.

Its beginnings and the brand, today

«We started in 2012, as a small family project, with many uncertainties, but a lot of effort and great expectations. After ten years, with a team that bets on the brand every day, with hard work and with the support of thousands of clients around the country, we managed to expand to the entire national terrain. Today we are faced with a very different panorama, in which growth is constant in various aspects: we are driven to create avant-garde and quality audiovisual content, becoming benchmarks on social networks and adding more than 93,000 loyal followers with whom We maintain frequent and close contact» says the young man.

With their website they connect with the whole country and "they receive the love of our customers from all the provinces when they receive their orders, it is something that fills us with joy and the desire to continue working and improving for them."

Brandon, one of the founding brothers, in charge of managing the brand's social networks and marketing, commented on the change they had in the networks after having collaborated with Markitos Navaja: "The networks were very good but After collaborating with Markitos, it was a complete change (laughs) I always say it to him ».

About this 2022, the businessman recounted: «This year we started it with everything, being sponsors of the Rauw Alejandro show on February 18 at the Luna Park Theater and if it hadn't been for Markitos and all the Navaja I don't know if it would be possible". "Being sponsors of the Rauw Alejandro show is something that we would never have imagined years ago, it is also a way to return the love to our followers by raffling tickets so that they can join us on the day of the show," he concluded.

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