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Cycling clothes that challenge the traditional fashion cycle

Cycling clothes that challenge the traditional fashion cycle

Tres amigos, amantes de la bicicleta, se juntaron para crear Givelo.
Foto: Givelo

“Giveo is a cycling clothing brand that challenges the conventional fashion cycle where there are excesses of production and waste: we have a select portfolio that we call Core, which is available all year and occurs under written analysis of demand behaviors. The garments that are not Core, work in the form of launch capsules, where there are constantly offers of products with extremely limited amounts. In Givelo it contributes to the short life cycle of the products. There are no stock reprogramming and always the approach is to be careful with the quality and selection of materials (which have environmental care practices). ” Thus, on the back of a chat, Mateo Gil, creator of Giveo, presented us with his venture that started along with two other friends who with more than 20 years of friendship, passionate about the bicycle and that ecosystem, created this business where They already generate 11 direct jobs and more than 20 indirect, sell in more than 5 countries and "contribute to the healthy lifestyle of people."

En 23 preguntas para emprendedores y sus emprendimientos Mateo nos cuenta la historia de su negocio a partir de la reflexión y el aprendizaje.

1. How many years am I?That I studied?

I am 29 years old, I am a graduate of international business at the University of Medellín.

2. What was my idea and when was born?What did I think?

The idea was born at the end of 2015 from the business vision of one of the partners.A place was created where we seek to be better how people and professionals, contributing to the growth of the brand and the world cycling community.

3. How did I realize it and take it to the facts?

Initially, the most important thing was to have a rookie mentality, learn and make the best of each visit, each supplier and each relationship that was created.

With all that learning and consolidated relationships began to develop samples and test them.Subsequently, the first collection was launched and the brand began to consolidate, always taking care of customer service and its experience using givet.

Ropa de ciclismo que desafía el ciclo de moda tradicional

4. Where did I take the money to put it to walk and how did I pay it?

The initial capital met with savings of family members and loans.

5. What am I achieving with my entrepreneurship?What am I changing with my idea?

Through this venture we are changing the way in which cycling clothes are perceived and used.We transform realities of people from Colombia through the generation of decent employment and fair and equitable treatment.

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6. I am happy?

Happiness measured it at times and learning lived.Doing what I always do moments and I learn daily.

7. Would my entrepreneurship, my company?

I would not rule it out, but today it is not the approach.

8. What's hard for me to undertake?

I would not respond in the past.He would say that it is still.In each phase of the business (starting, developing, growing and consolidating), there are hard and complex situations that make you question whether you made the right decision or not and spend every day.Depending on the growth (emotional and professional) in which you are, each situation will affect you at a lower or higher level.

9. Did I take my dream?What I'm I missing of?

I am fulfilling my dream of working on what I like every day and encouraging other people to be better in everything they do.

We need to be more structured in what we do and organize the work scheme so that the team does not depend on the founding partners.

10. And now what?Whats Next?

The vision of the future business focuses on consolidating production, growing digital channels and sales in existing markets.

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11. My entrepreneurship is scalable?

Yes, we can franchise, open multi -brand stores anywhere in the world, position the portfolio on different sales platforms.

12. To grow, would you receive investment from a stranger?Would you give it part of my company?

We would be open to listen to proposals.The end is never just money, also management.

13. What would not do again?

I do not regret anything, everything experienced has formed my character and the professional that I am today.

14. Who inspired me?Who would I like to follow?

All those people who change realities and the form that things normally do in their industry inspire me.

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, Roger Federer internationally.

J Balvin, David Vélez (cloud), Yonatan Bursztyn (Totto) at Colombia level.They are some of the leaders who inspire us to follow.

15. Did I spoke at some point?I thought about throwing in the towel?

Many times it fails in an entrepreneurship.The extra gasoline that makes you get up is the passion for what you do.I have never thought about throwing in the towel.In some moments I question if I am in the best position for the company.

6. Do I have part of any kind of community that helps me in this path of undertaking?

I am currently not in any community of entrepreneurs.I have been in different diplomas and educational spaces of entrepreneurship in the city but currently I am not part of any community of this type.

17. What am I doing it?Can you impact new generations?

It transcends because it is not only to position the brand but to encourage a different way of working for customer service.

18. How do I see myself in 10 years and how do I see my entrepreneurship, my company?

In 10 years I see myself working in Givet remotely from anywhere in the world and selling on all continents in the world.

19. What role have my family and friends played?

The support of the family and friends have been vital in the process of undertaking.A advice and a hug is everything.

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20. I did it.Would you help other entrepreneurs to achieve it?

It would always support Colombia's entrepreneurship dynamics sharing experiences that can serve other people.

21. What role did my team play?Who?

The team is everything in an entrepreneurship.You can never reach only a goal, without a team that feeds you and supports you with your talent.

Administrators, photographers, designers are just some of the races that are part of the Givet team.

22. What is my personal seal?What differentiates me from the rest?

The personal seal that identifies me is the attitude that I have in the face of the problems and challenges that are always presented with a growth and learning approach.

23. What have I learned from all this?

I have learned to distribute time always with an approach to generate value in what is done daily.

Si conoce historias de emprendedores y sus emprendimientos, escríbanos al correo de Edwin Bohórquez Aya (ebohorquez@elespectador.com) o al de Tatiana Gómez Fuentes (tgomez@elespectador.com).