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Crocodile who killed a woman in Tampico remains in a private zoo

Crocodile who killed a woman in Tampico remains in a private zoo

El cocodrilo que atacó y mató a una mujer hace una semana todavía no ha sido liberado, está en un zoológico privado en Altamira, pues se está definiendo en qué lugar será depositado, ya que la Administración Portuaria Integral (API) todavía no da su anuencia para que viva en las lagunas de su terreno.

He had planned to release him on Saturday, in one of the wetlands of the API, however the agency has not answered the trade, where the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) asked permission to be able to leave him in one of his wetlands, thenIn them it is forbidden for people to put to fish and swim.

Without a response from the Integral Port Administration, the Profepa is analyzing another body of water, where the reptile can be deposited, because it is an adult, of large and very territorial, it cannot be released in an area near the urban spot.

El cocodrilo fue sacado del cuartel de Bomberos. (Yazmín Sánchez)

The animal measures three meters with 33 centimeters, one of the largest specimens in the carpenter lagoon, which last Monday attacked a woman who managed to get into the shore of the wetland, allegedly to wash her clothes, when the animal came outHe bit his leg and pulled her to submerge her.

Cocodrilo que mató a mujer en Tampico permanece en un zoológico privado

The lady lost her life and the crocodile was captured to recover the body, which was taken to the Tampico Fire Station because it had already been defined that it had to be relocated.

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The staff of the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection was for the crocodile on Tuesday night, they took him to a particular zoo in the municipality of Altamira, where he can be more comfortable than fire courts.

Since that day, the API lagoons were thought of as the best place to free it, as it has already been done on other occasions with large specimens and are waiting for an answer, but also analyzing other possibilities.

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