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Auronplay is transformed into Venom to promote Sony movie

Auronplay is transformed into Venom to promote Sony movie

Auronplay is always on the crest of the wave;In this October start, it has already been news because it is the world number one of Twitch and for the massive filtration of the purple platform, which revealed the payment to the most relevant streamers of the industry.Before starting with the usual day of Tortilland and Minecraft, the Catalan creator starred in a promotion that has given much to talk about.

Everyone is known that Auronplay usually flees from certain offers, focusing its content on what you like to do, which is nothing more than enjoying time with your most intimate friends on the platform.However, he surprised everyone on Sunday, October 10 with his version of Venom, after mentioning the words "I am very old".

Auronplay, Venom and Sony Pictures Spain;a love story

The final coletilla that Auronplay left in the title of its streaming ("Tortillaland #47 || last day to finish the constructions! Venom") already showed something important.The last premiere of Sony Pictures Relay would sponsor an broadcast of the Catalan creator that was finally seen by a total of 300 thousand people, with a maximum peak of 153 thousand spectators.

AuronPlay se transforma en directo en Venom para promocionar la película de Sony

In the role played by Tom Hardy, Auroplay did something very difficult to see during her streamings: getting up from her chair.After staying a few seconds standing, still and with a serious face, Auronplay initiated a transformation of the most worked in Venom, to mention a few historical words: "Calvos friends, baldness, people of little hair, of poor hair".

As can be seen by the clothes that Auronplay carries in the video in question, it is more than likely that the streamer would record the promotion on Thursday, October 7, to broadcast the postproduced particle in its streaming on Sunday.The Catalan creator also had the opportunity to thank Sony for being interested in him for his promotions in recent years.

"Thank you very much to Sony Pictures Spain for sponsoring this stream.I don't know how many times I have already worked with Sony Pictures.Maybe this is the time number 20.I have worked a lot with them and for me it is a pleasure to continue doing it after so long.Hey, an honor that after so many years follow.Here you don't have a sponsor;You have a friend, "said Auronplay.