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7 Must-Have Storage Items for Your Desk to Keep You Organized

7 Must-Have Storage Items for Your Desk to Keep You Organized

Do you find yourself constantly shuffling papers around on your desk, losing important documents, and feeling overwhelmed with clutter? Fear not, there is a solution! By adding just a few key storage items to your desk, you can stay organized and improve productivity. In this blog post, we will go over seven must-have storage items for your desk that will help you maintain an organized and clutter-free workspace.

7 Must-Have Storage Items for Your Desk to Keep You Organized

7 Things You Need on Your Desk

Desk Drawer Organizers

The first step to decluttering your desk is by utilizing the space you already have, starting with your desk drawers. There are many different styles of desk drawer organizers available on the market, from adjustable dividers to compartment trays. Utilize these organizers to keep all of your office supplies in their proper place and easy to find.

Stackable Trays

Stackable trays are a great way to keep papers organized and neat. You can use them to categorize papers by project or urgency, or by frequency of use. They are also easy to move around, allowing you to work on specific projects with ease.

Document Holders

A document holder is a great storage item for documents that you reference often or for important documents that you don't want to get lost in the shuffle. A document holder can also add a level of sophistication to your desk.

Business Card Holder

A business card holder is a must-have for anyone who receives or hands out business cards regularly. A clean and organized business card holder can make a great first impression and help you stay on top of your networking game. Some business card holders also have compartments for small items such as paper clips or post-it notes.

Cord Organizers

Do you have multiple cords tangled up on your desk? A cord organizer can help prevent this from happening. There are various types of cord organizers that can clip onto your desk or mount onto your wall, taking the cords off your desk and out of sight. Some come with multiple USB ports, making it easy to charge all of your devices at once.

7 Must-Have Storage Items for Your Desk to Keep You Organized

Hanging File Folders

If you have a lot of paperwork that needs to be organized and stored, hanging file folders are the way to go. They can help make sure documents are in their proper place and can easily be accessed when needed. You can also opt for wall-mounted or over-the-door options if space is limited on your desk. Hanging file folders are perfect for storing documents that you need to access regularly or that pertain to a specific project. They are great for saving space on your desk and are easy to label for quick reference.

Label print server

The last storage item on our list is a label printer server. This device makes it easy to organize and store your files electronically, allowing you to access them without having to search through stacks of paper. A Supvan print server, which is also the best thermal printer server, also includes an automatic labeling system that can help you quickly find the right file when you need it. If you need to print documents regularly, a label print server is an excellent storage item to have. It allows you to store pre-labeled documents and quickly access them whenever needed.


Incorporating these seven storage items into your desk space can drastically improve your productivity and help you maintain an organized and efficient workspace. From desk drawer organizers to cord organizers, these storage items make it easy for you to find what you need easily and quickly. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to having a clean and organized workspace!