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Tokyo 2020: how to set up your own Olympic Games at home with these equipment that are sweeping Amazon

Tokyo 2020: how to set up your own Olympic Games at home with these equipment that are sweeping Amazon

If you have read this article, it is very likely that you are one of the millions of people who are following the Tokyo Olympic Games on television these days. Since the most important event in sport started on July 23, the sofa has become a great ally for many to enjoy the best athletes of the moment. However, our intention here is to avoid that this translates into marathon days sitting in front of the silly box and you start enjoying practicing yourself.

Or are you going to deny that these days you haven't felt the urge to kick the ball emulating Pedri and company, a good racket à la Garbiñe Muguruza or try one of the new Olympic sports like skateboarding? We are sure that among the 33 sports that we can see this month, more than one may be to your liking or that of the little ones in the house.

I remember that the latter are the first to join the summer sports fever. And it doesn't matter if it's at home, outdoors or in the pool. For this reason, we propose a selection of interesting, fun options suitable for all ages with which to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

And that doesn't just include the most popular sports. Have you ever tried curling? And the archery? Or have you put your skills to the test in front of a punching bag? And what about golf?

Don't worry. We are not going to offer equipment kits at exorbitant prices or for seasoned kings of the sport (although we do not doubt that you are). The idea is that this summer you can get into one of them or practice the one that catches your attention, wherever you are. Without demands, without big expenses for the pocket and regardless of age or physical condition.


Of course, the one who warns is not a traitor. If you plan to emulate the potential medalists we have in Japan away from home, we recommend you follow some tips to the letter that can help you overcome the heat, the effort and motivate you much more:

-Watch out for hydration. As if you are going to play petanque. Does not matter. Being well hydrated before, during and after practicing sports is one of the risk preventive measures that must be taken into account at any time of the year, but especially in summer. When we sweat we lose more fluids that we must recover quickly. So keep the bottle of water close at all times.

-Watch your diet. If you are going to practice some type of sport during the summer, it is best to eat light meals and leave copious meals aside so that digestion is much easier. In addition, we must eat at least 90 minutes before starting to practice sports.

- Avoid the central hours of the day. It is best to choose the first hours of the day if we are going to train outdoors and try to avoid, above all, the time between 12:00 and 16:00. If you do sports in the gym, take advantage of the moments when there are fewer people.

- Wear comfortable clothing. Stay with this: light and breathable and preferably light colors to help you evacuate the temperature. No more no less. On the other hand, try to prioritize cotton and baggy garments.


Yes, it is true that in these Olympic Games we are missing Carolina Marín, the current Olympic champion who has put Spain at the top of this sport. But that does not make it less interesting nor does it take away from the fact that it is such an appetizing practice to carry out as it is simple when it comes to getting equipment with which to start having fun.


With this kit of two rackets and two shuttlecocks (remember that unlike other racket and net sports, badminton is not played with a ball, but with this conical-shaped projectile) you can get to work this summer to practice in the pool, on the beach or wherever it takes place. The rackets are made of hardened steel and come in a transport bag with a shoulder strap and zipper. It is an option recommended by Amazon to start in this sport.

You can buy it here for 12.99 euros.


Here is another essential component to practice this sport. This 300cm x 150cm net can be used indoors or outdoors, as long as you have some space to set it up. Best of all, it is very light and easy to assemble. In fact, it is a matter of seconds. It can also be used to practice other sports such as volleyball.

You can buy it here for 35.99 euros.


At this point there is very little to say about the passion that tennis arouses in us in Spain, Rafa Nadal aside. The seventh most practiced sport in Spain and one of the ones that has given us the most joy has become, over the years, one of the most beloved forms of sports leisure, whether it is hot or cold.


Tokyo 2020: how to set up your own Games Olympics at home with these pieces of equipment that are sweeping Amazon

What can't be missing in this sport to practice it? Logical, a racket. Here you have not just any one, but the one wielded by our wonderful Olympic tennis player Paula Badosa. This Wilson Blade made of fiberglass and aluminum has a perfect combination of rigidity and flexibility with a handle with Cushion-Aire technology to facilitate the game. An option, without a doubt, for a medal contender.

You can buy it here for between 84 and 100 euros.


This net that we can use in both tennis and badminton has the particularity that we can choose its length between 3 and 6 meters as it suits us. Wrapped with white PET fabric, it not only makes the net more durable, but also can be seen in low light. It's lightweight and foldable, and there's no way to lose pieces as they're all connected by an elastic cord. In addition, its nylon fabric prevents any type of tear. Does not include costs.

You can buy it here for between 23 and 24 euros.


While this inflatable volleyball game is designed for kids ages 7-11 to enjoy hours of poolside fun, it's hard to keep adults from getting in on the game. It is made of high quality resistant vinyl and the bases are designed to add weight to the anchors and thus achieve greater support. Includes net and white inflatable ball, as well as a patch kit to repair small pores and punctures.

You can buy it here for 9.85 euros.


Who has not ever played to emulate the water polo players as soon as a ball jumps into the water? In this you cannot miss a goal where you can fine-tune your aim. As this inflatable was intended for the little ones but it is also an object of enjoyment for anyone looking for a good session of water sports. It measures 140 x 89 x 81 cm and includes, on the one hand, a white inflatable ball and, on the other, a plastic bag with washers for anchoring.

You can buy it here for 13 euros.


When the IOC included skateboarding in the Olympic Games program, it did so with the intention of attracting a younger public to the Olympic family. the 42 years between them. The reality is that there are many styles, depending on whether you do flatground tricks, with curbs, drawers, steps, etc. (street), on ramps... If you are one of those starting out, you will first have to see which one is more accessible to you and which one you like best, of course. You can also combine them and learn a little about everything.


This cruiser type board has dimensions of 13.8 centimeters wide and 56.5 long, so it is small and, according to the comments of other buyers, very valid for children and adolescents. It is very robust, made of reinforced plastic and you will love the wheels because they light up in a variety of colors when you ride, no batteries needed!

The classic cruiser shape and small size are a big help so you can easily maneuver around tight turns. More than 1,300 user reviews have given it a score of 4.7 out of 5.

You can buy it here for 36.99 euros.


This skateboard is designed by experienced skaters and designers to bring you a better quality skateboard. In addition, they are not only suitable for beginners, but also for professional practice. Supports a load of up to 180 kg.

The wheels are slotted and the tabletop measures 78.75 x 20 x 11.5 cm. Made of 8-ply maple wood, it has a non-slip surface and only weighs 2.3 kg. ABEC-9 Chromium Nylon High Speed ​​Steel Bearings

You can buy it here for 56.95 euros.


If you are looking for a complete helmet kit with wrist, elbow and knee pads, you have options like this. Black, blue, pink or orange, you'll have it all with just one click. The helmet has 11 air vents to ensure good ventilation. The dial system is adjustable to fit the circumference of the head. The pads are made to provide maximum protection and the foam padding is soft and offers shock absorption. Package includes: 1 helmet, 2 wrist pads, 2 elbow pads and 2 kneepads.

You can buy it here for 38.99 euros.


Basketball is one of the classics in the Olympic Games that generates the most expectation in our country. Gasol, Rubio and company have been encouraging us to throw the ball in the basket for years. Here are a couple of options for you to practice in two very different environments.


This proposal will not make you leave the pool or the living room at home. It is an inflatable basket that includes two balls and has a height of 208 cm. In the event that you want to take it into the water, fill the base with water for greater anchorage. Comes with a patch repair kit

You can buy it here for 26.90 euros.


You can try your dunks or impossible triples on this shockproof HDEP backboard with screen-printed graphics and UV protection to keep the colors vivid for years. The ring is made of shock resistant stainless steel and its mesh is made of weather resistant nylon. To be able to install it on the wall, the board has two holes to screw it. It is ideal for training the first launches with the family and placing it in the garden.

You can buy it here for 58.80 euros.


Boxing is another of those sports that has experienced a huge boom in recent years, both among boys and girls. Although this boxing kit is not designed to hit the opponent directly, it will allow you to practice fitboxing. That is, hit against a bag. It is not necessary to mention the infinity of cinematographic references that exist for you to imagine yourself in front of him.

This sport presented in this way provides all the benefits of traditional boxing training without the risks of receiving blows or suffering a head injury. This set includes a sack with a height of 110 cm and a diameter of 35 cm (to be filled) with a hook to hang it and some gloves. It can be filled with sand weighing up to 50 kg and has a very resistant hanging hook. Place the bag in your house, in a garage or in an empty room. Of course, training at home has never been so easy.

You can buy it here for 31.49 euros.


This kids punching bag can provide hours of entertainment as exercise equipment for kids. In this way, they can improve their heart rate or their hand-eye coordination, among other aspects. It has an adjustable support and the springs return to their original point with great ease. The material is stable and durable to withstand the jog that can be given.

You can buy it here for 159.95 euros.


The beautiful sport cannot be missing from this list. Soccer has once again been the protagonist this summer after a Euro Cup. And now, with the Tokyo Olympic Games already underway, there is nothing better than taking advantage of the holidays both to enjoy it and to practice it. Here are some options to improve your soccer moments this summer.


Perfect to have them outdoors at any time of the year. This urban goal set has an integrated locking system and reinforced corners. They are easy to install (no tools required) and are an ideal size for children and teenagers. It has two different measurements (6 x 4 meters and 8 x 6 meters).

You can buy it here for 67.89 euros.


For adults and children, beginners and ball experts, to play alone, with friends... And as easy to transport as they are to store. This set of mini soccer goals includes two goals. They are made of metal and polyester mesh. They have small measurements (90x36x60 cm) so that you can play in confined spaces. 8 J-shaped pegs (4 for each goal) are used to fix them.

You can buy it here for 47.99 euros.


A ball is always a gift that never fails, especially if it is one inspired by the official Olympic Games. Adidas designed a ball for them in honor of one of the greatest precursors of soccer in the country. Hence his name Captain Tsubasa in reference to the Super Champions series. It stands out for combining such relevant characteristics as resistance and versatility to play on different surfaces with the maximum guarantees. Thanks to the inclusion of the latest Adidas technologies, this ball offers maximum precision in passes, as well as in shots on goal.

It is made with synthetic leather, polyester, cotton and rubber, in different percentages. All this to ensure a more stable flight, and help the player put the ball where he wants.

You can buy it here for between 33 and 40 euros.


Who said that to enjoy this sport or make a hole in one you have to go to a luxurious golf course or have expensive golf clubs? With these two alternatives that we have found on Amazon, we are going to show you that it is very easy to have fun practicing this sport at home and outside of it.


With this three meter long mat you can practice at short and medium distance. The size of two golf holes (one is 8cm, one is 6.5cm, both are smaller than the standard 10.8cm size) is designed for accuracy and distance control. It is a perfect gift for every beginner or golf lover to help them practice golf indoors or outdoors alone or with others. Also, it is easy to clean, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. It has an automatic ball return system and includes three balls.

You can buy it here for 66.99 euros.


We have proposed to bring the practice of the Olympic Games to your absolute privacy and this fun option in the best example. Say goodbye to boredom in the bathroom with this 6-piece golf set. Includes a green plastic mat, cup and flag, 2 small balls and even a Do Not Disturb door hanger. The golf club measures approx. 62 cm, enough length to control it.

You can buy it here for 10.81 euros.


We have all been fascinated when we have seen this sport on television at some point. Curling is a traditional game that appeared in Scotland in the 16th century and is a team sport that requires precision and strength. To summarize, it is similar to English bowling or petanque, and is practiced on an ice rink.

Although it is not very well known in Spain, here is the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with it. It is a play area measuring 180 x 39 cm and in which three different parts are assembled to their magnetic tapes. The pack includes 2 sets of discs (8 x blue and 8 x orange), 1 small brush, 2 storage pockets. It is intended for two or more players.

You can buy it here for 39.99 euros.


Okay, we accept that, in general, in Spain we are more familiar with this sport through American cinema than from the games themselves. And for this reason, it would be convenient to have a physical contact with this beloved sport on the other side of the pond. To summarize, in this two-team sport, the team that has scored the most runs during the nine innings wins.

And what is the most basic thing to practice it? It is obvious. The bat and the ball. The Wilson brand is a synonym of quality and guarantee in baseball equipment. This set is perfect for the youngest to start in the world of baseball. Includes a sturdy wooden bat, youth glove, and ball. It also has a 30% discount on its original price.

You can buy it here for 28.20 euros (30% discount).


Since table tennis emerged as an Olympic sport in Seoul 88, its popularity has grown to become a very common form of leisure for young and old. With this professional kit that we show you, you only need a flat surface to practice it. Both of its Tencoz rackets are made of 7-ply white poplar wood and wrapped with 2mm high-elasticity sponge and high-quality double-sided rubber, which provides excellent control for offensive and defensive table tennis play. .

It also includes 3 orange + 3 white table tennis balls, a transport bag and a re suitable for any table whose thickness is less than 5 cm. Whether it's a dining table or a desk, indoors or outdoors.

You can buy it here for 19.98 euros.


This sport is worth following. The way the shooter lines up. The grip of the trigger and the bow. The elevation. The contact of the hand on the jaw to fix the position of the peep in front of the eye. The tension maintained when aiming... Each step is a joy to follow as a spectator. But more vibrant still carry it out. This bow and arrow set can help you make your foray into this sport.

The handle is made of high-quality, high-strength nylon fiber. It has a classic and ergonomic design to give the greatest comfort. possible to shot. The mounted bow is 134 cm. Set includes 6 replaceable tip arrows, 3 finger barbs, and an arm guard.

You can buy it here for 59.99 euros.


This hockey game may be the best way to introduce kids to the sport. Includes two goals, two sticks and a floating indoor hockey ball that can slide on any smooth surface. Air suspension technology allows the hockey puck to float on a cushion of air created by a powerful fan and built-in rotary motor. Plus, it's padded with strong, durable foam to protect furniture and walls from kickbacks.

You can buy it here for 17.84 euros.

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