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The 'outfits' of the debate: from the regional rojiblanco of Ayuso and García to the purple 'podemita' of Monasterio

The 'outfits' of the debate: from the regional rojiblanco of Ayuso and García to the purple 'podemita' of Monasterio

The president of the Community of Madrid and PP candidate for the regional elections, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has arrived at the Telemadrid studios with a true 'outfit' combined with the colors of the regional flag of the Community.

Who do you think wins the 4-M electoral debate on Telemadrid?

Dressed in a white T-shirt and a red jacket that could be seen under her coat, Ayuso has attended the electoral debate that will be held tonight and amid shouts of support and encouragement from supporters who have come to welcome the popular candidate.

Los 'outfits' del debate: del rojiblanco autonómico de Ayuso y García... al morado 'podemita' de Monasterio

Los 'outfits' del debate: del rojiblanco autonómico de Ayuso y García al morado 'podemita' de Monasterio

Also wearing a mask with the flag of the Community of Madrid, the Madrid president has assured that she is calm and eager to debate and "have a good time" on what she considers to be "a famous day" of the elections. "Freedom arrives in Telemadrid!" The Popular Party has written on its official Twitter account.

Also very Madrid came the candidate for Más Madrid, Mónica García, who has arrived on foot at the Telemadrid facilities wearing an orange-red suit jacket and white shirt. García, who combines politics with her work as an anesthetist, has arrived at the Telemadrid facilities at around 8:55 p.m., almost overlapping with the Vox candidate, Rocío Monasterio.

Monasterio, who has been waiting and has not arrived until after 8:50 p.m., has come accompanied by his campaign manager, Segio Ribas, and the press officer; and dressed in a purple jacket and white shirt.

The socialist Ángel Gabilondo was the first to arrive at the City of Image, a few minutes after 8:00 p.m., and dressed in a maroon suit and tie.

The candidate of Unidas Podemos for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias, has gone by taxi to the Telemadrid facilities; where he arrived at around 9:00 p.m. accompanied by Isa Serra and the head of Speech at Podemos, Manuel Levín. The leader of Podemos has come dressed in jeans, a white shirt and a blue jacket and with his characteristic bow in his hair.

But it has been Edmundo Bal, the Cs candidate, who has undoubtedly aroused the most comments upon his arrival at the studios of the Madrid public channel. And it is that he has done nothing more and nothing less than with a leather jacket and on a motorcycle, which he has driven to the very door of the building. However, already on the set, Bal has worn a classic American suit and white shirt, but without a tie.