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The keys to a magazine bedroom

The keys to a magazine bedroom

The bedroom is the most intimate and deprived place of our home;That is why his style is the one that best reflects our personality.Having a beautiful room is important;But getting, in addition, to be comfortable, will increase our happiness - a night of repairing rest improves cognitive abilities, concentration, immune system and our humor!-.

Yes, really, you want to make your bedroom your temple of the break but, in addition, you like to have a careful, modern and personal image, as an output of a decoration magazine, these are the advice of the experts of Maxcolchon to choose each one eachOne of the elements that make up our rest system:


Bed headboards are the strategic piece of the rest system: the element that captures attention as soon as they enter the bedroom and the one that reveals the personality of the person who has decorated the stay.Structurally, it must be fluffy to avoid blows, isolate from the cold of the wall, provide comfort on the back and prevent the pillow from moving.

Decoratively, he is the king of the bedroom.That is why Maxcolchon has twelve different models: smooth, with lines, with blackberries and even with built -in LED light tube...Offering a great level of customization, by the possibility of choosing between five different tissues- Chenilla, Polypiel and Premium, such as the Aqualine, Ecolife and Arabic Lux tissue- among which you will find more than 40 different tones.

Without a doubt, it is the piece that marks the style of the bedroom, which you can either combine or create bold contrasts with your preferred support, whether folding, fixed, fixed or upholstered base.

Las claves para un dormitorio de revista

Have adequate support

Maxcolchon canapés are the favorites of their customers because they provide great storage and for the aesthetics they contribute to the bedrooms.

The firm, an expert in manufacturing rest products for more than 15 years and without intermediaries, works three canapés lines: the fixed canapés, the folding and the latest novelty...Fix!

Whatever aesthetics we choose for our canapé, the best option is always the folding canapés, for the extra storage space they contribute to the room.You can combine it with the fabric and color you prefer, even incorporate the legs that best fit your style.

Enjoy the best mattress

Enjoying a quality dream has enormous benefits in our body.For this, it is essential to choose those mattresses that adapt to our physical needs.

Viscoelastic, of wasting springs, latex...We must look for a mattress that takes care of our back, which adapts to our body and has the perfect texture and consistency to provide ideal rest, so that we can rest placidly all night.To choose the ideal mattress, the most important thing is to resort to a rest specialist to help us select the product that best suits our needs.

Although at first glance mattresses can be somewhat expensive, it must be taken into account that it is a long -term investment, since they have a life between 8 and 10 years.In addition, in the future we will appreciate the investment for the benefits it will contribute to our health and daily rest.

The most cozy bedrooms, naturally make you feel much more comfortable when creating an adequate environment for a deep and quality sleep.The Maxcolchon firm gives you the opportunity to make all your rest equipment (mattresses, headboards, canapés, pillows, bedding, somieres...) to the millimeter.And Maxcolchon does not have stock in its factory, all orders are created specifically for each client with a superior customization.

With the large range of options that Maxcolchon puts at your disposal you can create your own rest oasis with a classic, minimalist, Nordic, modern, avant -garde or elegant style to create your own journal bedroom.What are you going to choose?